Learning to Speak your Mind!

I have always been a people pleaser. It’s built into my nature. I am the person who would bite her tongue and walk away from a conflict before speaking up. I have no idea where I learned this behaviour, or why I have always felt I am unimportant enough to let people walk all over me. Whatever the answer to it’s origins may be; at nearly 40 I have seriously had ENOUGH. I see other people speak up and call others out for their bad behaviours and I cringe, waiting for the situation to explode; and yet it rarely does. I am honest to goodness so surprised at how rarely calling someone out directly on their shit actually results in a battle for the ages. Then I think to myself how good the person who spoke up must feel having released that tension from themselves instead of just carrying it around letting it fester. I envy those people. One of the goals I had set for myself in 2014 was to practice speaking up more when I feel I am in the right or when I disagree with how a person is treating me. I assume it will get easier in time; at least I hope it does because right now it make me feel pukey.  However, I feel so much better when it’s all said and done, like a load has been lifted from me that I could have easily carried around for another 6 months had I have chosen not to speak up. This is a practice I think I could get used to. I am striving to be the women I would like my daughter to be. I want to live a life that is an example for my little girls. I want more then anything for them to describe their mom as being kind and loving but also tough and demanding of respect. I am after-all just as deserving of respect as any other human being. We all exist for a purpose, not one of us should accept or be ok with others treating us like we matter less then they do. Equal to that; none of us has the right to talk down to or demean another human being. Even the most irritating of people are in your life for a reason. Light and Love. frankie john


I have heard many people say having one kid is not enough, having 2 is too many..Although I don’t know about the too many part since these kids are amazing; I can definitely understand where the quotee was coming from. My life is currently a jumbled, sticky, loud, sensory overload, filled to the brim with giggles, tears and dirty diapers. Life as a full time working mother of two who also seeks to maintain some sort of self identity…it’s…well it’s like juggling while ridding a unicycle blindfolded. I wouldn’t change a thing, but I do have to carve in time for more sleep. It’s like the moment the kids are both asleep I have 7 hours worth of me time to cram into one evening; which ends up resulting in my staying up later then I should and then feeling like a zombie the next day at work. My method is not working. I just…I am just bursting with stuff I want to read, crafts I want to do, changes I want to make to my home, a spirituality I want to feed and let’s not forget a marriage to foster as well. I guess I just need to prioritize and focus on completing small bits at a time. Better to do two things very well then a dozen things half fast right?

The girls are so amazing though, they are so perfect and I am so blessed to be their mom. Evangeline will be 5 in a couple of weeks, that blows my mind. Iris is 1.5 and an adorable bundle of curiosity who eats like a rhinoceros. They are my most important creation of all.

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Game Night in the Maynard House

I recently jumped on the Influenster band wagon. The first product I was given to review was Hasbro’s Monopoly Junior. Evangeline and I (how in the world did Evangeline go from being my tiny baby to being a nearly 5 year old whom I love to play board games with?)  were very excited to find this in the mail when we got home from work/school.


So after dinner, we opened it up, read the instructions and got to playing. We both concur that we LOVE this game. I mean really, who doesn’t love Monopoly already? Am I right? However, this is even better if your 5 years old and don’t quite understand real estate and commerce, ya know! So anyhow, we love that all the bills are $1 denominations, so easy for Evangeline to count. We also love that things don’t cost much, so were never really dishing out more then say…10 monies :). It only took one round to know this was going to become a family favorite, simple enough for the pre-schooler but still uses enough brain power to be fun for the parents to play unlike so many other young person targeted board games we have played (cough cough Candyland cough). I also really like the lessons Evangeline stands to learn from playing this, counting, financial management, taking turns/being a good team member and even how to be a good looser. That being said, Evangeline cleaned up..she legit broke me haha so that didn’t hurt her first impression of this game.

Thank you Influenster for giving us the opportunity to review this game. We love our #GameNight #Voxbox.

Gluten Free Girl and the Chef


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