Kick count and stillbirth madness, again.

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Wow! People are just really clueless and naive. I really like to think that even if I haden’t lost Evan, I would have more sense then some of these ladies do. Grrr, some were good answers, but here we once again see the Stillbirth only happens to people with sickly pregnancies mentality and the it can’t happen to me mentality.

Here is a converstation had on the pregnant community board. I joined just to comment and will now leave again likely.
I will post it here in case you don’t want to join, but here is the link,


I just googled ’27 week belly photos’ in an image search, and the picture I clicked on directed me to the website of a woman whose baby had been stillborn at 35 weeks. Talk about instilling fear in a first time mom.

How do you effectively do kick counts when you have an anterior placenta, and if you’ve taken something like Tylenol PM, which effects baby’s movements? I am 27 weeks by the way.


Having an anterior placenta has never stopped my baby from letting me know she’s there. She kicks to the side, to the top, downward (the most painful… beating up my poor cervix), AND to the front. I’ve never felt any backward kicks, though.

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Is there any period during the day when you feel your baby being particularly active?

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i had an anteror placenta and the only way i could really get my kid to move, was to put something really cold (like an ice pack) on my tummy.

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i have one and my baby moves all the time, some days she’s not as active but she’s there and some days its so violent that it feels like shes going to break out

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i really appreciate when he decides to kick down or stick his feet in my ribs.

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and for the stillborn thing i am sure there were other complications going on so i wouldn’t get freaked, usually there is always reasons for stuff and medical things going on that you would be aware of

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You are SURE there were other complications going on? Thats a pretty stupid thing to assume.

Still birth CAN be totally random and spontaneous. I know MANY women on LJ that have had still births after a perfectly flawless pregnancy. I am one of them. So don’t think if doesn’t happen with to women with no complications.

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ugh typos. I suck

**So don’t think that it doesn’t happen to women with no complications**

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I am also one of those women who had a flawless pregnancy and my son was stillborn after his due date, this is why kick counts are so important, because research shows that baby’s movements start to decrease before they pass away because of fetal trauma.
Also-pregnant women should know about stillbirth, it’s important to know because it might be preventable if we know about symptoms and signs to look out for. We talk about SIDS all the time, but Stillbirth is more common then SIDS by like 4x, so ya, I think it’s very important and good to be educated. Also just because a mom who posted her belly pics online and also posted on her website about her babies stillbirth, I am pretty sure it was not intended to freak other pregnant mother’s out, so just you because you happen to stumble across it, don’t blame her for freaking you out, it’s life and its reality. Now-Talk to your doctor about how to do kick counts with an anterior placenta, I know it’s harder to feel. I wouldn’t take any drug that decreases baby’s movement in my oppinion, I know Tylenol PM is supposed to be safe, but still.

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I have an anterior placenta and have been prescribed Vicodin for severe SPD pain at night. I asked my doctor what to do about kick counts since we know that the Vicodin will make the baby quiet. We set up a schedule to take the Vicodin after her most active period so I can do a kick count first. The baby is most active from about 6PM to 9PM so I do a kick count sometime between 7PM and 9PM, and then take a Vicodin at 9PM. I’m 33w5d right now and have been doing that since 29w. Works just fine!

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my best friends had a baby stillborn at around 38 weeks. so sad. 😦 but i’m not letting it make me think negatively about my pregnancy.

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It shouldn’t make you feel negative about your pregnancy, and you should hope for a perfectly fine baby in the end of course. People should just be aware of everything that is happening with their pregnancy and do the kick counts in case they notice something is wrong or differant. Then they can nip in the bud perhaps so as to not end up with the tragic stillbirth outcome. I would say at least half of stillbirths could be prevented if caught in time.

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Try to do the kick counts the same time everyday. Mornings after breakfast or something. Just make sure your relaxing when you do it.

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  1. Continue to Fight the kick count fight
    Ms. Maynard go get them kicks counts are vital in the fight against stillbirths.
    Peace, light and love,
    Deadbaby momma to Olive Lucy Kawecki
    My daughter was stillborn after an intrapartum fetal demise 8/27/07
    Kick counts would not have helped me but loss was 1/3000 lucky me.

  2. I’m so ANNOYED! AFTER she hears our stories she still says “well my doctor says they aren’t important”
    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! UGHHHHljkbhwelrkuhendfvngh

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