Damn Wusses!

I am at work right now, it’s 11am, we open at 9am. I am here ALONE, the whole damn building is empty. The door’s are locked and I am unable to provide service to client because I am not supposed to be alone in the building.

No one else is here b/c they say the roads are to bad to get here and they will be in this afternoon. These people who say this live on the Halifax side of the harbour, I live on the Dartmouth side. I came in on time, from Dartmouth, down a steep hill, across a bridge and into work no problem, the roads are NOT that bad. I swear man, we got some snow and ice last night, and it’s really windy. Ooooooo, We got less then a foot, drive accordingly, I just took it slow and safe. If I can get in from twice the distance, why can’t they.

Wusses I say, any excuse not to work. Hell I could be on my way to NYC right now instead of sitting here bored, cold and blogging.
Arrg! You would think we didn’t all grow up here in the maritime winters. Geesh!

About mommamaynard

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein. When it feels like your world has been shattered, and you have reached rock bottom, you must make a choice: Stay where you are and fade away, or keep moving forward. Thankfully I chose to move forward and was blessed with the two most wonderful children after the death of my first in early labor. Things are looking up.

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  1. Most of the smaller residential streets were not plowed this morning.
    Also, the buses were running erratically. I myself was a half hour late to work because I had no power and wasn’t able to shower.
    Perhaps a lot of people were in the same situation – it’s not really fair to make judgements on people about their work ethic after a storm – no job, appointment, or meeting is more important than your safety.
    Just playing Devil’s Advocate here.
    Enjoy NYC! I hear it’s wonderful in the winter. Stop by Strawberry Fields and take a moment to reflect. 🙂

  2. I feel for you… I have the same work ethic (when I’m actually working! LOL Which is probably why I hate/ resent work. I’m always doing more than anyone else and I hates it!)
    But of course, I hate the snow and suck at snow driving… so I probably wouldn’t have shown up today, either 😉
    Have a SAFE drive to NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Oh and hotels: yes, we have Motel 6. If you’re driving with Oliver, it gets a little complicated to find hotels that allow dogs. But with little ones you can often sneak them in…)
    Oh and toll roads: don’t exist with the same frequency in other parts of the US. NY/ NJ/ Penn/ and some other Eastern States I don’t know about have a TON of them, but the South and West, not so much. I don’t even think they’re common in the midwest. (In the Bay Area in CA, we had bridge tolls, but no road tolls. I had never even heard of road tolls until we went to Virginia!) There are no road or bridge tolls here in AL. None.

  3. Oh and on a work-related note, I totally agree with you.
    When I worked in a kennel, people used to always brag about their fancy SUVs and 4WD and whatnot, and still, when it snowed a huge storm, I was the only one that showed up to work besides the GM and I walked 4 miles to get there 😛

    • and sadly enough, in my experience, it’s the devoted and hard working people like us that often unapreciated on the job.
      My work ethic has always been superior, I don’t get it. I love what I do, and so I work hard at it.
      Common sense non?

      • Mais, oui. C’est vrai :/
        I did get promoted to Assistant Manager, but only because I was the only one that actually had to WORK because the rest of the staff got by on their boyish good looks and a horny 40 year old gay boss, hahahhaa.
        But you gotta love what you do and have good work ethic. Rules to work by, I say.

      • Fo Shizzle 🙂
        You fluent in the Francais? I am 100% Billingual, Mom is Irish Dad is Acadien 🙂
        Jaime Nicole Cormier prior to Becoming a Maynard with marriage.

      • A l’ecole, c’est tout.
        Confident I could hold my own in Quebec City or Nice, though.
        Fluent in Spanish, but you likely already knew that 😉
        (And I love the name Jaime just because it looks like Je t’aime, you know that?? Don’t like the “Jayme” spelling nearly as much!)

      • I know Jaime is like J’aime, My mom not being French didn’t do it on purpose. Instead she got the spelling from Jaime Sommers, The Bionic women 🙂 (Hmmm I wonder if I had such a hard life b/c she names me after such a strong women charecter??, Ok Apparently There is a Jamie Summers as well, she is a porn star hahah)
        I took Spanish in all 4 years of University, used to be quite good, was really good after spending a month in Peru, now, not so good, pretty bad actually haha. Ya I got the spanish thing being were you are from and your name 🙂

  4. Oh, what a bummer!!
    I hope the rest of your day flies by smoothly and then you’ll finally be on your way to NYC!
    So excited for you and so excited to SEE you!
    Have a safe trip, drive carefully, stop a lot to cuddle and make out at scenic spots and for Oliver to sniff new territory. Just remember to enjoooooyyyyyyy, Evan will be with you ❤

    • Weeeeee. I heart road trips.
      Hey what’s a cheap standby chain motel in the US? Do you have Motel 6?
      We will be stopping to sleep at the halfway point and would like to do it as cheaply as possible.
      Also what is with all the tolls on US highways? Cripes. There are 7 between here and NY. You could drive from one end of Canada to the other and only encounter half those tolls. No wonder everyone is broke 🙂 kidding of course. I am sure there are some loaded American’s left 🙂 What the hell am I talking about I am so poor haha.
      I soooo can’t wait to see you. Really really. Yeay!
      I just wish we were always closer, I just have a feeling you and I would hang out alot if we were on the same turf..sigh! Oh well, I do love my home. I guess you should come to Canada 🙂

      • Haha, I wouldn’t know about the tolls – one of the great things about pops paying my tuition is that he pays my EasyPass and that pays for all tolls 😛
        I wish we were closer, too!! I would definitely be less of a hermit if we lived within reasonable driving distance of each other! Don’t worry — I’ll make it to Dartmouth/Halifax/NS eventually. I love it, it’s just convincing fair-weather John to brave the cold and equal exchange rate. 😉

      • So come in summer, it’s warm then. We have virtually the same climate after all.
        Your money is worth more here now 🙂
        Won’t be as easy to pick up and go with an infant though and that will be your new life in 09.
        For that I am tad jelous, but of course happy as hell.
        I don’t even think I ovulated this month since it’s day 21 and my temp hasen’t jumped yet??? Damn I had sex every other day all month to, covering all my bases 🙂 or maybe I am just ovulating late, who knows :)WANT BABY NOW thanks Universe.

      • I just know that Evan has a great plan for sending his little brother or sister to you. I know it. Julia sent us newbebe, Evan will send you yours ❤
        Only thing is that John works ridiculous hours in the summer! Maybe I can convince him to take the babe with me up there for a weekend and then you can breathe in all the rainbow-baby fumes and I can rub your belly, which will inevitably be round and full of life 🙂

      • haha.
        I damn well hope so. It took 2.5 months to get knocked up with Evan. New baby come on down, the price is right…or something like that.

      • Little egg, come on down Jaime’s fallopian tube!
        Little sperm, come on down Dave’s vas deferens!
        See what fabulous prize you’ve won!
        Please to be making zygote asap!

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