Reading et al.

Sooooo here is the breakdown-good and bad of the outcome of last nights 1.5 hour reading. It was very interesting to say the least. Keep in mind I have never met this women and she lives in a differant town of anyone I or Dave know. She took us apart and alone.

Ok Mine

First to try and show me she was for real, she just does a sensation thing, any images that come to her re: you. First things that came to her were sex, and issues around sex, worries at work around a letter and then real estate, water and a big bridge. All very here and now in my life as A) I have been trying to get pregnant so sex is on the forefront again, but I have had difficulties with relaxing and enjoying sex since Evan as my genitals have been in my opinion mutilated from childbirth, scared and torn and such.  So it’s a love hate relationship down there, I like sex, but I wish I could get over the broken feeling or tunnel of death feeling I still cling to with regards to my vagina. she said there was still alot of work ahead on that front. Just before Christmas at work we got a letter informing us that a long term employee had been let go, and it shook my feeling of safety cause it could be me just as easily, and it was sad, she is a single mother and was crying alot. As for the last point, we just bought our first home it’s on a hill overlooking the Halifax Harbour and smack dab in the middle of two big bridges.

Ok so let’s move on. She said to keep an eye out for something plumbing related in our home, that there were issues there. She said eventually Dave would be ok, but it’s a long healing process (she got on her own that he was a carpenter and injured some nerves) she saw back and shoulder problems. After it was all done, she said the nerve damage in his hand (I clarified it was his hand) would affect his left shoulder and arm. She said she saw a lump, so one of two things, I would be getting news of a pregnancy, or of someone having issues with a lump on their body, not their breasts though. It could also be both as the word lump kept comming up, but so did images of a pregnancy bump.

She asked if we just had a major anniversary pass, I said yes, she said this anniversary may have been sad but it will be met with an equal and opposite celebration that will be joyous. Like the birth of a child. She saw the sad and joy sat like side by side and matched as a pair. She even drew it out how she felt it. 

All things money in my reading were very cloudy-there would be money trouble for a while, but furthur down the road things look clearer, so there is an end in sight.

She kept saying something very sad happened in my domain-but nothing has happened in my new home. She said it is the new home and she see’s strife around it.

She did a diagram of health with 10 being perfect, 6 being average and anything under six is lower and ill, I was placed at a 5, she felt I was tetering on the boundries of depression and should be very careful. Depression was comming up strong. She also told me it’s time to get my female organ’s checked, and she’s right on that one, I am due for my anual pap.
Something else around problems with teeth and a dentist.

A new home brought with it a big gift- the birth of a child. She saw me following closely with physicians and following directions. She saw needles. ( Of course she did, grr. I am tad bitter about the Lovenox thing)

She saw success with a dark haired man, lot’s of doctors and calanders and success in the end. Could be for me or my  husband

A dark haired musician and his wife, friends, they also have sadness surounding a child. ( We have this couple in our lives, they lost their son shortly after Evan and we met at the IWK) She said-their son’s cause of death of was completletly differant then yours. (There son passed of a cord accident and true knot).  There was nothing genetic wrong in my pregnancy. She felt it was a spiritual death, not a physical accident but rather unexplained because there was no explanation to be had. It just was.

She saw us kneeling at a grave sight, two, another little boy, what other boy did we visit in a grave yard, (there is another stillborn boy burried next to Evan and we always bring him gifts too) she said they know each other and are often together. She asked if we visited a women’s grave, a mother or grandmother, (We dont) She saw a sick women with alot of stress and death, so if we have not lost someone close to us yet, there may be death in the near future for a women, she thinks on Dave’s side. 

Love is at it’s fullest in my reading  so if nothing else we have a strong and loving partnership that will last the test of time, no worries there.

Animals came up- something about our animals will change in the near future, she is not sure if it is illness or problems with animals adapting to a baby. She worried the dog might be agressive if we have a baby.

My big wish will be answered- I just have to trust and believe in order to allow it to happen. She said my faith was strong but I needed to stop fighting and just allow myself to be carried. God want’s to help and will carry me through the pregnancy and birth if I stop trying to control and just believe. 

She kept saying my wish is here, now, I can be pregnant now if I want and she dosen’t see death anywhere about a pregnancy or child, so it looks good, BUT that my dissapointment is always wrestling with my wish, and that it’s been winning, my dissapointment has been taking over and stopping my wish from becoming reality so Time to Let Go (she wrote it out like that) and get to the heart of the matter. She said I have come full circle and I have reached a good place and am ready for healing.

Things surrounding me now- Death, tears (lot’s of tears still streaming-depression) stress, loneliness despite a happy marriage, feeling isolated and missunderstood, operations and longterm medical care, medical specialists, passing of someone, a female.

Success is at a standstill because I am indecisive and keep running in circles instead climbing upwards.

Love is fine-complete.

5 Doors oppening to me in the comming 16 months, good and bad, opportunity is good, but if jumped into hastily can be bad as well.
Door 1 involves extensive planning, door 2 says tread carefully around highly sensisitive issues, I am like an eggshell and can crack very easily and that could cause problems. Door 3 is around weight- something big happening around weight, door 4 involves doctors and specialists and door 5 involves appointments and needles.

That’s the summary of mine.

Dave’s said lots of other stuff- It’s going to be a long struggle but in the end it will be successful. Security upside down for a while. Long time healing and more surgeries comming, it will get worse before it get’s better. He will be getting lot’s of forms in an email and so news, some of the news comming is bad. Death of a mother or grandmother-someone sick with stress. Dissapointment and change. A calender will be full again. His wish for things to improve is comming, just need to be patient and believe. He will be caught with direction and there is a possible move involved. Going away for something-planning and paperwork. Perhaps more schooling or a new direction. Business plans-success in partnership with 3 people. One is a business man, numbers and books. Luck follows him and he need’s to listen and talk more to understand. He will always have to work for sucess, no easy way out but it will pay off. No doubt in love or decissions in love. He is also lonely despite a happy marriage. He has a child on the horizon waiting on his wife to decide. He need’s to work on re-establishing his faith, a light coloured man will assist with that. 

That’s his in a nutshell. So now we wait and see.

About mommamaynard

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein. When it feels like your world has been shattered, and you have reached rock bottom, you must make a choice: Stay where you are and fade away, or keep moving forward. Thankfully I chose to move forward and was blessed with the two most wonderful children after the death of my first in early labor. Things are looking up.

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  1. Colleen Says…
    this give you so much to think about.

    • Re: Colleen Says…
      Yes I know. We are a bit freaked about the women thing, however, he does have his elderly Grandma Kate left so we pray this means her as she is quite old. Dave’s mom is so young still, but just so ill. We just hope she is around for a lot longer.

  2. all very interesting!! tell me more about what you have to do w/ lovenox again.

    • Shoot myself up with it from second trimester to 6 weeks post partum. You know, the normal stuff.

      • and is your insurance going to cover it? what dose?

      • I think my insurance should cover at least most of it. I only got insurance this month which is why I was putting pregnancy off until now, cause it’s soooooo expensive. I am not sure if there will be a cap on my prescriptions but I beleive it’s unlimited and I just pay a straight 10$ or something.
        I don’t know the dosage, guess we will dicuss that when I am actually pregnant which I am obviously not at this stage of the game.

      • ok well email me when you get a chance, wanted to ask you a question 😉

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