LA Weight Loss..Rip Off

Anyone know anything about Law and class action law suits.
Read the article below then I will explain furthur.

L.A. Weight Loss closing Atlantic Canadian franchises

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A chain of weight loss franchises in Atlantic Canada is closing its doors, with the owner citing the worsening economic crisis.Nine L.A. Weight Loss franchises in Atlantic Canada are closing their doors, putting about 40 people out of work.  All franchises will lock their doors on Dec. 5, .

Franchise owner David Shneer told CBC News Tuesday that things have been tough for a while, but the ongoing global economic crisis has made it impossible to stay in business.  He added that many consumers do not think weight loss is a necessity when times are tough.

Clients who enrolled for longer-range programs can obtain refunds, he said.  Pennsylvania-based L.A. Weight Loss has seen other franchises close over the past month, including operations in Oregon, Montana and Wisconsin.

OK Anyhow, my mother joined this 4 months ago, they require you pay for the amount of weight you want to loose upfront, so my mom had given them a lump sum of money. 3 months in, the franchise closed, but they assured her she would receive a refund. She just got this emailed to her today….  

Dear Leona,

We take this opportunity to inform you that LAWL Maritimes Inc., the company that operated the Centre you attended, has been put into receivership by the secured creditors of the Company.

Unfortunately as a result of the receivership, the Company no longer has any capital and is unable to provide any refund. We are sorry but we are unable to process your request.

Customer Service

Now I wonder what her options are for getting her money back, I am sure there are many other’s left out in the cold as well. I think they should take up corportate in a class action law suit.

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  1. Fuck. I think there are a few communities on LJ that offer legal advice – I don’t now about for Canada, though. Might be worth taking a look – or call up a few attorneys and asking around or something?
    Gah. That is really miserable 😦

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