More randoms, cause well I never have just one thing on my mind.

1) Couch 2 5K update-I only got one day in so far this week, that was Wednesday. We have had 2 big snow storms this week.
I am going to do week 2 day 2 tonight after work and I guess am going to have to motivate my butt to the gym Sunday to do day 3 unless it’s really nice out and I can do it outside. I purposely try to not schedule gym days on weekends because I love my lazy weekends. We also have alot to do around the house this weekend cause my mom is comming next weekend and it’s the first time she see’s the place and I want it to be perfect. Or nearly anyhow. That mean’s putting the finishing coat on the last wall in our bedroom ( I had made one wall a differant colour then the rest and then changed my mind.) finishing painting the primed and ready trim, interior doors, door and window jams.

2) Food Update-I do so well all day, perfect balanced, portion controled, healthy diet, then I get and BAM! sabotage. I love my husband however his infinity with sugar and baked good’s has led to my ever increasing thigh diameter. Last night we had warm fresh baked cinnamon buns. How can a girl say no? Last week he made a chocolate cake, I brought half of it to work and fed it to my co-workers. haha.
His being off work is making us both fatter, but man the house is clean and all my meals are cooked for me. haha

3) We are VERY strapped financialy and it’s causing us great stress. Like I don’t know how we are going to fill our oil tank so we applied to the Salvation Army for the Good Neighbours program that helps fill your oil tank for you during times of hardship. You can only apply once every 3 years, we have never applied for any kind of help before, but we are just that broke. Sadly, I think we won’t qualify due to my salary, nevermind that I alone am paying the mortage, electric, land taxes, water bill, student loans, phone bill ect.. I am still over the poverty line. I pray this does not disqualify us. It makes me sad that Dave is getting $400.00 a month, and because we are married can’t get all this help cause I earn to much, I just wish people could look at it as a whole picture, and what I get after taxes, along with Dave’s income leaves us $250 in the hole each month now, but his mom has been helping. I feel bad taking money from his mom. Last year she paid the $500 deductable for our insurance when we got robed on December 10th 07, Evan’s due date. She then paid for Dave to be off work for one month after the baby died, she paid for his headstone and grave plot, for the funeral, bought us a trip to Cuba for a week to try and heal in the sun 1 month after the baby died, and now, a year later we are in a worse possition. When I was on Mat leave I was getting $800.00 a month, he is getting half of that. We have to find someway out this, I have faith we will, somehow, someway. The kicker is he can still do many things, and he could a job, but he has to find a job that is flexible with letting go for 1 hour of physio 3x a week, occasional meeting with an Ocupational Therapist, going for surgery and needing a week off for that then followed by even more physio for 8-10 weeks post surgery. I am just not sure any employer is that flexible.

I am open to advise and suggestions on that front. I am in Canada, so I can’t do things like Cha Cha which is only open to American’s sadly. I have tried the Pay Per Post thing but my blog dosen’t generate enough traffic currently which why I got ‘laid off’ in the first place from Pay Per Post themselves.

The worse part is, I KNOW so many people are in this boat or worse and I hate feeling self absorbed or self pitting, I just want to make it work and shut up already.

I have faith, that somehow things will come around if we are patient long enough. Thanks for listening for listening to me though, I know it will turn around, I do have faith, I will make it work, It just sucks right now.

About mommamaynard

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein. When it feels like your world has been shattered, and you have reached rock bottom, you must make a choice: Stay where you are and fade away, or keep moving forward. Thankfully I chose to move forward and was blessed with the two most wonderful children after the death of my first in early labor. Things are looking up.

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  1. I agree. It really doesn’t seem fair to disqualify you guys based on your salary. They should consider all of the other factors when they decide who gets what…ugh…I hate borrowing/taking money too. We’ve had to do that a few times with Erik’s parents and I hate it.

  2. chacha is all i can think of sadly, if it wasnt that i dunno what else i could do and i read your post so i know thats no use to you :-\
    HAve u ever heard of KGB texting? I don’t know about them but ive heard of them.

  3. Money sucks, yes it does. I do hope circumstances improve for you soon. The place I used to work at is in the business of teaching and helping find alternate work for individuals who’ve been injured on the job. The programs are generally arranged and paid for through WSIB. Most are focused on the educational aspect, but there’s a co-op program that’s four weeks, the aim of which, in the end, is to find the student a job. These are co-op placements that often turn into part- or full-time positions. I don’t know if anything like that would be available or even of interest to your husband, but they do have a Halifax location.
    You mentioned possibly offering resume/cover letter-writing services a little while back. I still think that would be a great idea – mainly an issue of advertising, but you could try the public library or your local community centre (if you have one?) bulletin boards.
    Anyway, I hope something in this novel I’ve written here was helpful in some way. Heh. Good luck to you and your husband – you certainly deserve some. 🙂

  4. Has Dave tried applying for some temp work?

    • He hasen’t B/C all the temp jobs that come across my desk are for labourers and admin folks, he can’t do either, he has to do work that dosen’t involve of the use of his left hand at all.
      He did apply for a few sales jobs and keeps doing that in Burnside, he went through two interviews at Princess Auto and a written test only to get a letter saying he didn’t get the job. He asked for feedback, they said they want to invest their time and energy into someone who will stick with them and that they can’t see someone with his level of experience sticking around for $9 an hour.
      This is the problem, convincing them he is serious when truth is he does want to get back to his business ASAP. I told to just lie, lie, lie, you do what you have to do.
      He would take a cash or sales job in a jiffy so long as it was part time or like max 30 hours so he could still do his physio.

  5. aww man. I hate money. I hope things get better for you quickly, my dear. All the stress adds up bigtime. I know what you mean about wanting them to look at it as a whole, but I think they assume that if you are over a certain tax bracket, you CAN afford everything you have but just manage your money with a major lack of wisdom and responsibility. I know so many people that are REALLY hurting, and so many people that THINK they are hurting, like my cousin Karen. She’s got a son just 3 weeks older than Lily. She’s married, and between her and her husband they probably make around $65,000.00 a year. Maybe more, maybe less. But they own their own house, have new cars, expensive cell phones, satellite tv, cable internet, her son Cole has every expensive toy under the son… and she bitches to me constantly about how they have no money. Well, do you really need those two brand new almost $400.00 a month each Ford f-250s? Do you really NEED those expensive cell phones that you don’t use? Do you NEED the house to be boiling at 76 degrees all winter? (thats warm to me, we keep our house at 64.) It just makes me angry and I’m so sorry that i used your LJ to vent. 😦 Anyway, so this isn’t taken the wrong way, my point is I know that you guys are doing everything under the sun to make things affordable, and it’s not working. I wish you all the luck in the world.

    • Thanks. Ya we are doing pretty much everything we can, I mean there is always room for better of course. My next step is to get rid of our cable and land line, but even that only add’s 60$ a month. We need internet, and our cellphones. We have been selling stuff on Kijiji, made $250.00 doing that. We have one car only and the payment is only $275.00, we bought a tiny home we knew we could afford, it was $130K. We keep our house at 68-70max and even have a programable thermostat. We do it all. When Dave is working we are ok. Not rich but ok.
      It has me wishing I hadn’t bother with the Education, I pay $450.00 a month in student loans and all that education got me was $37K a year, I mean that is not bad, I am not complaining, at all, and I love what I do, and I choose to work in not for profit, but many of my clients make more then me with less education.
      The ultimate solution is simple-Get Dave back to work somehow, someway. physio is going to have to work around him. They just have to, that is why he pays workers comp afterall.

      • hun, 37k is better than what you COULD be stuck doing/making if you hadn’t gone to school. I’m going to tell you what I constantly have to tell myself when I’m feeling down- Someday, this will all be in the past. Someday, you will look back at this and smile, because you will have struggled, and you will know what it’s like to hurt financially. This will make you a better person, because when you get further established and have more money, you will not forget, and you will not take it for granted.
        i know that sooooooo doesn’t help now, but sometimes it makes me feel better.

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