Religious conflict?

I think I just had a religious dispute with a co-worker..whatever, this is why Religion should not be brought into the workplace, guess I am just so used to Toronto were my 2 bosses were Hindu and Jewish, and my workers were everything in between.

Anyhow this is how it went down:
A co-worker just asked me what I was going to give up for Lent. I said nothing, I am not Catholic. She answered that she wasen’t Catholic either. I said, oh then you must Anglican. She nodded yes. I said yes they are basically the same religion, just that Henry VIII took his Catholic background, made some changes and renamed it Anglican.

Well boy did that offend her, she said they are not the same, that’s ignorant and walked out of the room. husbands family is Anglican and they agree with the statement and also I took Religion in University and we studied the major religions of the world in a decent depth and Anglican was one of them, so it’s not a statement made out of ignorance, it’s a statement based on reading and research. However, just to be sure I came back here to my PC and did some more research.  Here is what I found:

"Anglican Christianity is in many ways very close to Roman Catholic Christianity, having retained a number of basic medieval practices, an episcopal polity, and various theological beliefs. This is because the split between the English Church and the Roman Catholic Church was due not so much to theological disagreements, as was the case with other Reformation movements in Europe, but rather because of personal and political disagreements between King Henry VIII and Pope Clement VII. Thus, it is not surprising that so much of what characterized Roman Catholicism of the time has survived in Anglicanism today. "


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  1. I grew up Anglican. I don’t disagree with you at all. Most Anglicans are more Catholic then most Catholics!

    • Well HALLELUJAH sister. I just think some people need an excuse to overeact, this is one of those people.
      I grew up catholic, seriously hard core catholic, I went to catholic school til grade 10..

  2. It’s not like you shouted at her “God doesn’t exist!” or something. People need to relax a little, she could have just told you what she believes in and how she though you were incorrect. Arg, people sometimes!

    • hahah I can see myself now all emo’d out..sitting at work shouting You know what I will give up for lent…God.
      Oh no’s…..
      Seriously thought, I am very religious, in my own Jaime way, I DO beleive in God. ALOT.
      I didn’t think I said anything hard core offensive, it certainly was not my intention, I am like the worlds biggest wuss, I only imagine my self saying mean thing, I don’t think I could actually do it.

  3. Oh, that Henry VIII – causing problems even nearly half a millennium later.
    I agree with what you said – that asking about what you were giving up for Lent was the wrong thing to do if she is particularly sensitive about religion. IMHO, it was ignorant of her to assume that you even observe Lent.

  4. I think I understand where she is coming from. She doesn’t feel like the split was simply a dispute or a guy who wanted a divorce. She feels like King Henry VIII was led by divine inspiration and that the Angelican church is the truth, the word of G-d, etc. Also she probably sees all the differences as big significant factors where the Catholics do it wrong. To understand her definition you’d have to go to an information site sponsored by her Church.
    For instance I believe all sorts of things about Jesus and not one of them includes him coming back from the dead and being born from a virgin mother. But I would never say these things to a Christian, because it is denying their G-d. I also would describe Christianity as Paul’s meshing Jewish traditions, celebrating a rebel, and making them appeal to Pagans as much as possible, because he needed them as members. Again, Christians wouldn’t appreciate this summery…

    • I fully agree. That’s just it, religion is a VERY personal thing. For each person I meet of a religious group it means something differant then the next. It was not my intention to offend, of course, I respect religious autonomy and beliefs and would never judge or mean to offend someone based on their beliefs.
      HOWEVER that being said, don’t go around asking people what they are giving up for lent if you are that sensitive to the discussion of religion. If I accidentally offended you with my statement, then set me straight. Correct my view, don’t just storm off..Also-I was purposely vague on that front, although the common belief is that Henry VIII split on the Divorce front, I didn’t say that, I said they had the same basic Doctrine, same religious holidays, differant other stuff. Oh well. I just need to follow my own advice and not talk about religion in the workplace, even if someone else started the discussion.
      This lady is a notorious grump anyways, I just gave her another reason to be grumpy today.

    • ALSO…
      Having been immersed in so much religion over the years, I have found so much beauty in all of it. I grew up in a strictly Catholic home, then I studied religion in University and learned alot. Then I moved to Toronto, where I worked for Jewish Vocational Services, I had clients who were Orthodox Jews, clients who were Muslim, Hindu, Christian ect..My 2 bosses were Jewish and Hindu. My co-workers were Orthodox Greek, Christian, Mormon,Orthodox Jewish(I had 3 co-workers newly Canadian from Isreal), Muslim…basically you name it and we had one in the workplace. We used to send all staff emails about each and every religious holiday of co-workers, that they wrote up and distributed in order to share with co-workers what it meant ect..This worked so well, we were all sensitive to each other’s need’s and beleifs, as well as informed and we got to celebrate sooo many religious holiday’s. It sure helped to understand what Kosher was and why Muslim’s couldn’t eat all day during Ramadan ect…
      I am passionate about religion and I love to discuss it with people, it never ceases to facinate me. I think if more people took the time to sit down and discuss their views and could agree to disagree, then maybe there would less war in the damn world. So much hatred is based out of fear and misunderstanding. If people, rather then get their backs all up about things sat down and discussed it rationally, maybe we could all be more tolerant people.

  5. I agree- religion should be kept separate from the workplace. The other women I work with all assume I’m Christian like they are, and send me Christian email forwards. After I got one called “The Money Angel” where you are supposed to forward it to like, 10 people and then Jesus will magically send you enough money to zero out your credit card balance, I finally told them all I was an atheist and to stop sending me this stuff. One lady basically stopped talking to me after that, she doesn’t want anything to do with me now that she knows I’m not Christian like her.

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