Couch 25k

Week 4 day 2 done, ouch! I am really just making it through the 5 minute runs, by the time it’s done I am thinking oh thank goodness, I need to walk. I will see how day 3 goes hopefully it will be easier. I found the same thing today as I did Tuesday in that the second 5 minutes was much easier then the first one. It’s not even that it’s hard, it’s just…exausting I guess, not painful, hard to explain, I just start to feel exausted and a tad spinney.

Tonight is the second time I did 30 minutes of weight circuits after my run, I hope that the two things combined help me to see or feel some results sooner, I have been feeling depressed that a month in my pants are just as tight. I have always liked weight training anyhow so it’s an easy addition for me, also it helps that I hate my chubby arms and am very driven to slim them down. I always felt embaressed when pregnant with Evan that they used a bigger cuff on me to measure my blood pressure, I guess I never thought of my arms as abnormally large, but hey, less jiggle would make me content. 

Next step-detox, get the sugar out out out. I am addicted and need to get it out of my system to break the addiction. I never used to be a sugar girl at all, not a junk food person period. However Dave is, and since we have been together in the last 5 years  plus a pregnancy I have gained 25 pounds and several inches.  More then that, I CRAVE sugar, I need it 2 times a day, mid day I need a tea and something sweet and then after dinner. I don’t put sugar in my coffee or tea and don’t drink anything else besides water, plus these sweets I keep in the low calorie department but none the less, they make me tiered and make me feel like crap so it’s best to get rid of that habit.

P.S I have cut out 90% of my coffee since I said I wanted to, I switched to green tea, chai tea or chamomile tea.

Small steps to a healthier me.

About mommamaynard

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein. When it feels like your world has been shattered, and you have reached rock bottom, you must make a choice: Stay where you are and fade away, or keep moving forward. Thankfully I chose to move forward and was blessed with the two most wonderful children after the death of my first in early labor. Things are looking up.

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  1. From one really slow metabolism girl to another-
    I found cutting the sugar really worked for me. I lost about 60 lbs about three years ago by cutting out all sugar and everything processed. Really “back to basics”, lots of lean protein. I gained it all back last year when pregnant. Well, actually, I gained about 20 lbs before I got pregnant just by slacking off on my eating (yup, I gain fast like you). I’ve lost 45 lbs since the day baby came (about 15 lbs right away, and the other 30 slowly, painfully over the past 10 months or so). Again, had to cut the sugar and everything processed. Exercised my little heart out.
    Still 15 lbs over where I was a few years ago but I’m staying where I am for now, determined not to gain too much this pregnancy, and then my long term goal will be to get back where I was.
    Weight struggles SUCK. Concentrating on just getting healthier makes it suck slightly less. Good luck!

  2. So do you play your own music along to the couch to 5k thing? I really want to try it out but I need my music to keep me motivated.

    • I downloaded the podcast and it has it all laid out for you with music already. If I didn’t have this, our gym has treadmills with Tv’s on them so I would watch TV and pay attention to the time, I think the key is not the music or the tv, it’s to distract yourself instead of counting each minute. For me the music is like background music b/c I find I zone out during a run and it’s like meditative.

  3. i cant imagine what ur going to look like when ur done.

    • haha If I was a normal person..which I am not.
      I swear I have the worlds slowest metabolism, my body hate weight loss and loves weight gain which means it take 3 times as much work as any normal person to drop any real pounds. The last time I rememeber really dropping some weight was when I did the South Beach diet and really followed it, which means really few carbs.
      I even did weight watchers religiously and lost 3lbs total in 8 weeks, I used to cry when I would weigh in and be up when I had been so good all week. I got so letdown, it was actually bad for me that way, that diet just didn’t work.
      I hope all the exercise makes a differance, if only in how my clothes now fit, I would settle for that.
      In an ideal world I would drop the 50lbs and be at my ideal weight but being that I am TTC that is my long long term goal, like after having my kids, in the meantime my goal is just to stay healthy,

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