In which my pee turns neon yellow~

Yesterday I started a high potency ( read 100mg) of B complex as well as Vitex in an attempt to add a day or two to my luteal cycle. Here’s hoping.
It’s so funny how B vitamins make your pee toxic neon yellow.

To keep the balance I started taking my Cod liver oil and Evening Primrose in the evening and the others above in the morning, anyways, now I keep burping fish taste and it’s making me feel ill.

 Now for the poop stuff-you have been warned.

Since the weekend I have been horribly, painfully constipated. I am never constipated so I am so confused as to what changed, I got desperet from the pain of nothing for 3 days so Sunday night I took a laxative, That made me sick and so I spent Monday morning on the can power pooping, had to take the day off work. I mostly felt relieved, glad to be cleared out again-However….the next day I was constipated again so 4 more meals with nothing, ( I normally go 2x a day) so I took some flax oil to soften things up and be gentler then an actual laxative, It worked and I was able to go this morning, Now I am constipated AGAIN….it’s like my body is not wanting to go without help. It hurts and my belly is all bloated, my pants are so tight. This sucks….I don’t know what to do..Grrr,

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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein. When it feels like your world has been shattered, and you have reached rock bottom, you must make a choice: Stay where you are and fade away, or keep moving forward. Thankfully I chose to move forward and was blessed with the two most wonderful children after the death of my first in early labor. Things are looking up.

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  1. you can take cinnamon supplements with the fish oils to help with the burp. that way, if you burp, it’s cinnamoney (and cinn helps with blood glucose regulation).
    with regard to constipation, water water water and lots of fiber. magnesium can help soften the stools so you can add that as well if you’d like.
    i’m big on supplements. they’re relatively cheap and make me feel better than when i dont take them.

    • I was gonna say magnesium, plus I personally find it to be a cure-all, so I’d suggest it anyway! LOL
      Cinnamon = yes. But you can just take regular cinnamon and put it in tea or water, you don’t have to buy the capsules (which are expensive!)

      • srsly? i got cinn for like, $3 for 100. i take one daily with my fish/flax/EPO blend. bizarre! maybe i caught CVS on a good day.
        i take mag daily, but thats because i also take calcium, which does terrible things to my insides.

      • Thanks, I got some Cal Mag’s left from Pregnancy and I will try em.
        Also thanks for the heads up on the cinnamon.
        I am gonna need a damn pill dispenser, as I find it hard to remember to take my pills, in fact I forgot my vitamins this morning and remembered on the bus.
        I should keep some at work in my desk and some at home so I can take em werever I am.

      • i totally bring mine to work. there are great pill dispensers on amazon, i’m thinking about ordering a new one.

      • Yeah, but compare how many ounces are in 100 caps of cinnamon to how many are in a bottle of cinnamon spice you buy for your spice rack… There’s a lot more bang for the buck in buying it uncapsulated!
        (Although my sister did spend a lot more on hers, she bought it at a health food store and felt like a dweeb after. I could so relate, I do that all the time! LOL We’re so alike, it’s weird, because we didn’t grow up together at all!)
        (The calcium does bad things to your insides? Magnesium is a — forceful! — laxative, I’d think that would be the cause of the terrible things, weird!)

      • true true.
        its the mag that kills my stomach, for sure. i mean, the calcium has somewhat of a constipating effect, but the mag runs way in the opposite direction :p

      • yup, that’s what it does to me, too 😦 Usually I take it at night and then it seems to smooth out in the end (hehe) but today? NOT so much 😦

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