2 week wait..

So this is my first month on Vitex/High Potency B Complex, and outside of ovulation day nothing has been normal about my chart.
On 4dpo my temperature dropped, still above the coverline but enough to cause a downward spike, but then went right back up again. Today at 9dpo my temperature plunged, like way way down, like beneath were it typically is even during my period. I took the mean of two temperatures cause my first one was 36.26? (I am never in the 2’s) the second 30 minutes later 36.34, so I put it down as 36.30.
What the hell? I have never had this happen, typically at 10-11dpo it goes down to like coverline temp (.34-.40) and then hovers there til cycle day 4 or so then it get’s a bit lower and stays around there til ovulation. I have never had a dramatic downward spike overnight like this. It makes my luteal phase a perfect M shape now? Check it out. 

I don’t know if this mean I will get my period today or tommorow? If so the med’s have SHORTENED my luteal phase a day or two??
If it goes back up I will be really really confused. I think it’s just too late in the cycle to be an implantation dip. With Evan on cycle day 7 my temp went down to coverline and stayed there 3 days, 7,8,9dpo and I had some spotting  so I remember being disapointed and thinking my period was comming, then it shot back up shocking the hell outta me.

I guess all there is to do is wait. If this is the end of another cycle, I am seriously debating asking my doctor for Clomid. I am getting tiered of waiting, this is month 6. I know we are getting the egg, expecially this past month.
I have to say that drop made me a very sad camper, I cried. I know it’s a defeatest attitude and it aint over til it’s over, but we have had such horrible, horrible luck and are trying so hard to move on and be possitive and optimistic, we just need a break here, it’s been a hell of a 16 or so months for us.

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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein. When it feels like your world has been shattered, and you have reached rock bottom, you must make a choice: Stay where you are and fade away, or keep moving forward. Thankfully I chose to move forward and was blessed with the two most wonderful children after the death of my first in early labor. Things are looking up.

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  1. I hope that this month is your month I ‘m not so smart so I have nothing else to add.

  2. *hug* i hope it is NOT the end of the cycle. it’s not too late for an implantation dip. implanation can happen up to day 12. it could also just be one random low temp from mouth-breathing. you’ll have to wait and see tomorrow’s temp. i am keeping my fingers super crossed that today was just either a weird blip or implantation dip (that rhymes) and that tomorrow’s temp is sky-high.
    some women use soy isoflavones as the natural clomid. if you’re interested in that i can give you more information. it can improve egg quality. i tried it this cycle and i definitely had a much stronger-feeling ovulation. 2 friends of mine who used it conceived on it, & you don’t get the clomid side effects.

    • Thanks lady.
      I am confused about the Soy Iso thing cause lots of stuff says Soy can cause infertility?
      My head is spinning, I think I will have my progesterone levels tested as well if aunt flow shows up tommorow.

      • it depends. if you consume loads of soy it can influence your hormone levels and cause fertility issues – however if you look at countries like japan, they consume lots of soy without issues. in any case, a high dose of soy (or clomid) for 5 straight days at the beginning of your cycle can actually stimulate ovulation, especially if you avoid soy the rest of the cycle. like clomid, it binds to your estrogen receptors, which makes your body produce more follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) which gets your ovaries going.
        i believe you are not to take it along with vitex or clomid but i haven’t researched that much. (i am taking a B vitamin but not vitex.) “they” recommend 80-120 mg CD 3-7 or CD 5-9. (rumor has it that taking it CD3-7 makes you produce more eggs and increases chances of twins, whereas 5-9 improves egg quality.)
        i took 110 mg/day but i took it late. i only heard about it on CD11 so i just started it then since i’ve been Oing late and knew that the soy could help bump it up. last cycle i O’d CD33 but this cycle i O’d CD24 so i think it helped in that sense – plus my fertile phase was much easier to understand with nicer CM and very, VERY strong symptoms of O. it has been really helpful to me and this was just my first cycle. (if i do conceive during a cycle where i’m using soy, i will have a soy bean!)
        i highly recommend reading this thread for more info and experiences, fyi, NPC is progesterone cream. not sure what the N stands for but they talk about that a lot too on the thread. that helps a lot of women with low progesterone but i would research that because when you stop using it, it can stimulate your body to menstruate, even if you have a fertilized egg. but that is definitely something to look into if you do think you have low progesterone.
        but i hope that today was just an implantation dip and that this info won’t even be necessary. ;o) but i do like to be able to look ahead to know what i might try if this cycle doesn’t work out, so if that is helpful to you as well, now you have some stuff to think about!

      • and fyi that thread i linked you to is from a PCOS support board. soy is still useful to women without PCOS (like me, and my 2 friends who conceived on it) – but the women on this board are likely to have PCOS and other fertility issues. just so you know. i think the info and experiences are really useful, but just keep in mind that they have other stuff going on that might not be an issue for you.

      • haha thanks lady, and Soy Bean is awesome!!
        I hate Wal Mart and it’s not conviniant, and I will always try anything, and I want twins haha.
        Seriously if I could have twins, and have them healthy all my baby problems would be done, I could stop with this whole pregnancy thing and just enjoy my two babies, which is all I ever wanted to begin with.

      • go soy go!!!!!!!!! i am terrified of the thought of twins myself, lol.

      • oh and btw, i didn’t go to walmart to buy it. i don’t much care for walmart and anyway there is a CVS down the road. i bought soy menopause tablets (got a funny look) which have 55 mg soy isoflavones in it and that’s it. i think you can find it at a lot of pharmacies, not necessarily walmart as the internet constantly suggests. (unless of course you like walmart or find it convenient. for me it’s too far away anyway!)

  3. I’m not a huge fan of vitex, but it needs to be taken long-term to see results, so I doubt that’s it.
    (Before you go on to Clomid, I’d suggest getting Dave checked out. Men can have asymptomatic infections up in there and not know about it. M had one at the end of our TTCing, but didn’t when we started!)

    • Thanks, I have to have a pap done anyways, I’m due so I guess I will just talk to my doctor about all this next week if things continue on the downward.

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