If you have been following my blog long enough, you know that in July 2007 when I was 6 months pregnant with Evan, my darling cousin Satara was hit and killed by a drunk driver whilst walking on her street. She was 14. Her parents have been devastated, their life shattered trying to live on without her and being in and out of courts for 2 year now. Well today the judge decided his damn breathalizer was inadmissable because the police bullied him into taking it.

Am I missing something here? If a person is obviously drunk, has open liquor in the car and just hit and killed someone, does it matter?? The cop did not beat him into submission, they just told him if he refused he would charged with refusing a breathalizer, which I thought was  true…how is that bullying? What the hell is wrong with this world, an innocent girl is the dead, the dude was drunk, he failed the breathalizer, and now, he will not be charged as a drunk driver at all……In fact he will probably get nothing at all. We get to live with the huge gap she left in our hearts. I need to go cry now, her death was in vain it would seem today. We were so close, and I miss her so much it’s excruciating.




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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein. When it feels like your world has been shattered, and you have reached rock bottom, you must make a choice: Stay where you are and fade away, or keep moving forward. Thankfully I chose to move forward and was blessed with the two most wonderful children after the death of my first in early labor. Things are looking up.

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  1. omg…Can they place a wrongful death case against him? That’s just…there are no words. *hugs*

  2. so unfair…I’m sorry Jaime.

  3. Wow..this makes NO sense. Either he was drunk or not..and he killed someone because of it. Why should it matter how they found out he was drunk!? Ughh I’m so sorry..

  4. what the hell? that doesn’t even make sense. the cop let him know that refusing to do a breathalyzer is also an offense – how is that bullying?
    but as someone commented in the story, the only part of the story that he isn’t getting in trouble for is whether or not he was drunk – but the fact of the matter is that he still hit and killed her with his car. right? so hopefully he still gets in trouble for that… how could they just let someone like that walk away? who knows what else he could do???

  5. That is horrible. OMG. What is wrong with our justice system???

  6. This is terrible, I’m sorry!! The justice and law systems are all beyond ridiculous, I could tell you stories forever. Like the night I was being assaulted by a strange man in the dark and called 911 and told them that this strange man just pushed me and was freaking out at me, then kept pushing me, and they said to me “What do you want us to do about it??” and hung up. Obviously not as bad as your story, but that just goes to show you, no one really gives a shit.
    And what kind of lawyer defends a murderer!?! I sure hope this guy at least showed some remorse?

  7. oh darling, i’m sorry this happened, it is so fucking injust 😦
    i hope that guy reaps a reward fitting the heinous, senseless, selfish crime he committed. i am just praying karmic retribution transcends the gov’t justice system, it just has to.
    all the innocent souls lost, it is so heartbreaking.

  8. I’m so sorry for this loss—she was beautiful!
    So senseless that the judge decided this—awful!!!!
    I’m so sorry!
    My ❤ to yours…..

  9. I am so sorry. Someone should beat some sense into that judge. Wow. =(

  10. WOW I am completely shocked and digusted. i hae no words.

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