The freaking out begins. Oy!

I have no reason to be this way, I am a logical girl, but I keep stressing that I am going to miscarry the damn newbebe. In reality I have no reason to think this, I am only 5 weeks, what do I expect exactly? I have on and off moment, times when I really feel pregnant, exausted, crazy nauseous, strong food aversions and scent aversions, I also have this full groin area feeling, like when your aroused and the blood rushes in, I feel swollen and full down there like that.
Then I have a few hours where I feel great and I am actually saying to  myself, oh no’s, you should be more sick, this is not good.

What the hell am I doing to myself? I feel the exact same way I felt with Evan and Evan was just perfect, so SHUT UP BRAIN!!
I find myself with  my hands over my belly trying to communicate with this baby all the time to tell it how longed for it is and how much I love it.
Oy, this is going to be the longest 9 months of my life isen’t it?

Please tell me folks who can, at 5.5 weeks pregnant, i,e 15 days ish after conception, what symptoms did you have?

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β€œLife is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” β€” Albert Einstein. When it feels like your world has been shattered, and you have reached rock bottom, you must make a choice: Stay where you are and fade away, or keep moving forward. Thankfully I chose to move forward and was blessed with the two most wonderful children after the death of my first in early labor. Things are looking up.

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  1. I would say that your fears are warranted, as a loss mama, we get a *free pass* on the pish-poshing that people give the real paranoid freaks….we are *allowed* to worry and freak and stress….it’s normal….I’d say your symptoms are normal for your very very early stage of pregnancy…..I’m keeping my legs crossed for you, that THIS baby is a sticky bean and that you are blessed in 8 months with a screaming pink healthy fatbaby!!!!!!

  2. i felt nauseous, I had discharge, I had a digusting yeast infection, I felt tingly in my breasts and belly and that caused to me to think i was gonna miscarry. i ate a lot too

  3. I was dizzy very early on with Abi, but never had any nausea/vomiting. (Actually, that is not entirely true. I did throw up once in my 12th week, but that was attributable to a migraine I had at the time.) With both pregnancies, I had some mild cramping fairly early on as well. With Sebastian, no strong symptoms (nausea, vomiting, etc.) until a bit after the positive test – maybe 6/7 weeks lmp.
    Seems like everything and anything can be “normal” when it comes to pregnancy. You know your body the best though.
    Thinking positive hopeful thoughts over here for you!

  4. Just looked at my LJ from the very beginning of my pregnancy. On the day I confirmed my positive test (so close to the same timeframe you’re in now), I listed my symptoms as:
    queasiness/food aversions/lowered appetite, sore breasts, fatigue? (maybe? I haven’t slept great the last two nights, so that might not be pregnancy-related), and peeing A LOT
    And it is totally normal to have more worries after you’ve suffered a loss. I nearly drove myself crazy when I was pregnant, so scared of having another miscarriage. TRY not to let it overwhelm you, but rest assured that the feelings are definitely normal.

  5. Peeing! That was it. I’d pee a lot for no reason. With all three of my pregnancies, I didn’t find out I was pregnant til about 6 weeks, and the nausea and burping and constipation didn’t start til 6 weeks. And remember, every pregnancy is different. I know it’s hard not to stress. Do what you can to tell yourself it’s going to be fine. You’ve got so many people focusing their minds on keeping that baby in there! πŸ˜‰

  6. 2 different pregnancies, 2 different sets of symptoms:
    First pregnancy (not well dated): first symptom, violent, heaving, projectile vomiting. (I took a test the next day and OBVY it was +) I was in Europe and exhausted all the time (we were backpacking around, it was exhausting in general) and the food made me totally nauseated and throw up. Towards the end of our vacation (we had 2.5 weeks left after I found out I was pregnant) I was throwing up 2-3x a day. We got back to California and I stopped throwing up. I don’t remember being insatiably hungry.
    With Remy (I can date this pregnancy, so I have more specifics for you): at 5.5 weeks, I was “queasy” and INSATIABLY hungry all the time. Also tired to the point of extreme hilarity (if I had been awake enough to find it funny). My boobs hurt. And I did feel fullness/ pressure in my pelvis. (Five weeks, five days.)
    I don’t think I actually threw up (or started really complaining about the nausea) for another couple of weeks…
    I gained 17 lbs in my first trimester, that pregnancy (the first one, I don’t think I gained anything, I may actually have lost weight from all the puking, but I didn’t care/ check).
    So — in my semi-professional opinion: all your symptoms sound perfectly normal. Including the fear and worry (I had that, too, with Remy.)

  7. i really dont’ have strong pregnancy symptoms in the first trimester. it freaked me the hell out with mairi (and hence i didn’t know i was preggo til 9w pregnant, LOL, and 8w pregnant with catti) but then i just realized that really, lack of pregnancy symptoms OR strong symptoms, neither are a promise that everything is fine and miscarriage won’t happen :/
    with eli i had my strongest symptoms, and they came around 6-7w til 10w, so a good month i’d say approx. where i was soooooo tired, sooooo hungry yet so queasy, and i puked a couple times, no puking with catti, one puking with mairi…so yeah.
    longest 9m of your life, but i hope it flies by (but that means eli will be a YEAR OLD OMG! what is your dd?)

  8. 15 days-ish after conception, isn’t that 4 weeks 1 day pregnant?
    looking through my notes, at 4-5 weeks pregnant i was just starting to have some nausea and stuff, at 5-6 weeks it was getting slightly worse, and every little twinge made me worry that something was up. here’s a post from nearly 1 month past conception: “i don’t feel that pregnant. i’m sleepy, thirsty, moody, and slightly boob-sensitive, but that’s it. i do get nauseous – and lightheaded if i don’t eat – but it’s not like that bad. i’m having cramps. not bad ones. but they still freak me out.”
    *hugs* i also remember how the first trimester crawled by. i know that your experience will be different from mine, but personally i didn’t feel really comfortable with the “i’m definitely pregnant” thing for a few weeks.

    • I totally know your right, My LMP was April 27th, with a 30 day average cycle so that makes for 5 weeks. I totally know it’s early, and I DO feel pregnant 99% of the time so I don’t know what is up with me. Guess I just needed to hear it from the outside, this whole post lost freakout thing, I fully expected it. I am 17 dpo btw, I was wrong I just checked FF.

      • if they count from LMP, they assume an O date of CD14 since most women don’t chart. so if you O CD14, then LMP is where they start the clock, O day = 2 weeks pregnant and 14 dpo = 4 weeks pregnant. for me they had to adjust it, since i O’d CD 22 and using the CD14 model wouldn’t be accurate. so even when i was 4 weeks according to LMP, i was not REALLY 4 weeks pregnant until 14 dpo so that it would match up with the gestational age of other babies conceived at the same time. so 17 dpo is really 4 weeks 3 days, and a lot of women don’t REALLY get morning sickness until 6 weeks. they say the worst week of it on average is week 9.
        for me, once i was going to prenatal appts regularly – and feeling MISERABLY SICK – it started to seem more real than the first couple weeks after the positive test. although i will admit, even when i was like 37 weeks pregnant, i still sometimes stopped and wondered if maybe this wasn’t real and i just made it all up in my head and hallucinated the prenatals/ultrasounds…
        i think for early pregnancy there is gonna be anxiety no matter what, and since this is a pregnancy after loss of COURSE it is natural and normal and expected to have even more anxiety. when you want something really badly and you get it, you can’t help but worry that it will be taken away, and i am sure that feeling is only intensified with a history of loss. so i agree that the way you are feeling is normal and expected.
        but know that your friends love you and are sending you good vibes for a healthy pregnancy, an uneventful birth, and a healthy happy baby and mama at the end of it!

      • Ya It’s all so confusing, i just used a due dates calculator and put in LMP and then average cycle length, and it popped up 5 weeks, it could be 4.5, somewhere in there. Reguardless of it all, because of my history, I will go with the ultrasound messurements when I have one in a couple of weeks. Evan was messuring one week ahead on all his ultrasounds, and then even upon his death they STILL argue with me that my dated were off, cause he was a bit beyond the expected size for a 43 week fetus. The specialist did explain to me that 40 weeks is a guideline, but each baby cooks at differant speeds and some babys are big and healthy at 37-38 weeks and others are tiny at 40 weeks and have poor lung development, it’s never an exact science they tell me…I personally am just done arguing with them, so long as it’s only off by say 3-4 days or whatever. Better to not have to live with the guilt I have been living with knowing they wanted Evan out and I forced them to wait it out to 42 weeks.
        Thank you so much and keep the good vibes a comming πŸ™‚ I am so happy and so excited, I just want to be a mom, a mom that is to a living child.

      • Jaime, what was his size? (If I’m reading your archives right, it was 7lbs 11 oz and 21 inches, yes?)
        I know you’re not the one saying this, that it is coming to you from experts, but that’s not an abnormal size. Remy was 8lbs 4 oz and 21 and 3/4 inches long and he was still in the normal range. And he was born at 39 weeks, 4 days.
        I know there’s nothing you can do with that info, tho. Maybe it isn’t worth sharing, but I think you’re being misled a little.
        Also, in terms of dating, mama_bean’s right. If you know the date you ovulated, you add 14 days to it. Which is dumb as all heck, if you think about it too long, but that’s what they do. I personally just told my midwife the already recalculated first day of last menses, cause I didn’t want to argue about it.
        If they’re going to date by ultrasound anyway, tho, it’s a moot point!
        All moot points for me, FTW!

      • Your right, he was 21 inches and 7 lbs 11 oz. I know that is well average, he said they were talking about stuff like hand and foot lenght, length of fingernails, absence of venix, meconium in water and organ stuff that came across during the autopsy.
        I think the bottom line is that none of it is an exact science and no one can know for sure what is what or how tall, long, heavy, a baby will be. I do understand though what he is saying about the brain and the cause of death.
        As for dating. I gave myself 5 weeks according to some or other pregnancy dater where I just said LMP and 30 day cycles.
        According my doctors and the whole 28 day 14 day thing, I would closer to 6 weeks.
        According to the whole 17 days PO thing I would still be 5 weeks, I think cause O on day 21, then now 17 days po so that is 38 days, or 5 weeks.
        Man my head hurts. Ya bottom line will be ultrasound, I am of the mindset that after term, the baby may be safer out then in.

      • Ah, hand and foot length is a different type of length altogether… and the brain stuff OF COURSE I think they’re spot on about.
        Haha, just wait til you start wondering if you should date yourself in months or weeks… I gave up trying to figure out months and just went with weeks! (But i know people who did the opposite, and that’s cool, too. I just couldn’t do the math in my head.)

      • I pretty much stuck to weeks as well with Evan, 20 weeks was my first ultrasound, 32 weeks was my second and then I had a third at 37 weeks due to a low lying placenta in the first two. We were 25 weeksish when we found out gender. You know all that jazz. I was 38 weeks when they offered to induce due to hypertension, and I said no unless it got outta control, and it didn’t, so he stayed in, until December 24th, which was 16 days past my Dr. given due date of December 8th and 14 days past my own date of the 10th, since I don’t have a 28 day cycle.

      • that makes sense. and the first trimester u/s are supposed to be super accurate for dating, not like the later ones where the measurements and range of what’s normal can fluctuate more. i had 4 u/s, and the only one that measured perfectly was the one in the first trimester.
        i am so happy and excited for you! i am glad you have a competent team with an understanding of your history working to support you this pregnancy. i think that is awesome.

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