WTH???? For Real?

Ugh! What is going to become of us if we eat crap like this!

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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein. When it feels like your world has been shattered, and you have reached rock bottom, you must make a choice: Stay where you are and fade away, or keep moving forward. Thankfully I chose to move forward and was blessed with the two most wonderful children after the death of my first in early labor. Things are looking up.

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  1. Ewww!
    Oh gross! That’s just … eww!

  2. that made me feel like barfing.
    Soooo gross…made me think of that website that combines the most disgusting stuff and people take pix of it….oh what is it called…..oh here it is—THIS IS WHY YOUR FAT.
    it’s GROSS!!!!

  3. that is f’n disgusting! Oh my gawd, can you imagine how bad the powered red wine would be????? ahhh! I’m surprised it was the Europeans and not the Americans that came up with that crap.

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