Vent, Rant and Bitch GROWL!

I want kill everybody, and the worse part is that it’s not even just irrational hormonest, it’s all logical and deserved because of generalized stupidity.

1) There is a big multicultural festival happening in Halifax this weekend and Paula Cole is playing and I love Paula Cole so I am excited, so the website says advanced tickets are $32.00 or $40.00 at the door. So in the bid to save $$ I went to go buy advanced tickets, however then I found that all advanced tickets are sold through a third party agency called Ticket Atlantic, and they charge HST as well as a service fee for selling these tickets, so actually advance tickets end up being more expensive then tickets you would buy at the door. So I called the Multicultural Assciation and let them know this, and THEY KNEW..?? So why the hell does your website make it sound like it’s such a great savings to buy advance tickets when there is no savings at all? I told him straight up that was bad marketing if they knew, and that it’s better for them that people buy advance tickets so they feel obligated to go, cause it’s an outdoor concert and if it’s rainining on Friday, I for one will not feel motivated to stand in a long line up to wait for a ticket, and I certainly won’t pay more for advance tickets, so they may have just lost 2 ticket sales.

2) Work has been really bad lately, like really really bad, like I am working late and strung thin and no one seem’s any more greatful about it and I freaking exausted. I have one collegue who is ALWAYS late, like 4 out of 5 days a week he is late, how is that ok? I have another co-worker who is an amazing person and is never late. Today, the one who is never late was running late, and of course the one who is always late was also late. So when I showed up at 9am, there were 6 people standing outside waiting to get in, and since the centre is supposed to open at 9am, I had to let them in even though this is not my job but rather the job of the two guys who work at the desk. I DO NOT mind stepping up to the plate to help people out, and I am alway willing to help with tasks that are not part of my job per se, this is no exception but it made me mad that I had no choice, that I was sick, had just thrown up my Bran Flakes from morning sickness,  and most of all, the co-worker who is NEVER late felt really bad and kept saying he was sorry. He is getting married in two days, that he is here at all is amazing, I told him to never say sorry for being late because he’s allowed once and awhile. That is just it, when someone else is late all the time, they put that extra burden on their co-workers to never ever be late cause someone else has to be here to open up. That is not fair, and it ruins team spirit cause I for one am really frustrated and at wits end with him comming in late, taking long lunches and leaving on time when I am comming in early and staying late and taking half lunches to get my work done. I know it’s my boss’s job to get  mad, but it’s effect me cause I have a strong work ethic and think we all should since we are a "team". I can’t copy and do the same cause then the work won’t get done and then I will be the one stressed cause we are not meeting our stats.

3) I guess also team work related. I had Dave (my husband) come in and hang shelves in our client meeting room. I did this so that we could have all our most popular forms organized, ( We are Government Contract which means LOTS and LOTS of forms for everything we do with clients) anywhow, they used to be in a messy pile on the table, which took away from work space as well as looked very unproffesional. So anyways, when we had the Youth Interns in, I had one of them label all the shelves and organize our forms accordingly, making 40 copies of each. I told my co-workers that all we needed to do now to keep it up was put forms back in the right slot and make copies when we noticed they were getting low. 3 times now in the past 2 months I have gone to get a form I need and there were none. I took my own original and made more copies. This morning I was just pissed enough that when it happened again I lost it. I said to my  team mates, ok that’s it, this has got to be addressed in the next staff meeting cause it’s really starting to get under my skin and it needs to be nipped in the bud and not fester. So I put it on the agenda for the next staff meeting.

3) Also work related- Smokers…….I hate that they take 4x as many breaks as I do and that’s ok. Why is that ok? For instance I nearly lost my shit for real this morning when a co-worker came in 15 minutes late, then went outside with another co-worker for a damn smoke. So you come in late and leave again to smoke leaving us to cover off for you? That is just not ok.

Right now I am squarely the one meeting ‘most’ of our stats, I have the largest caseload by 10 clients and I am teaching 60% of the workshops myself, as one of a team of four, and I am starting to really burn out and getting tiered of it. Why is this happening? Cause I can manage it, because I work hard, and you know I think if everyone else had the same workload, then I would be ok with it, cause then I would feel it’s even, cause typically I can manage this much. However, it’s become a feeling of me alone holding the fort and that is not cool.
Been thinking I might not want to come back here after Mat leave, which is sad cause it has so much potential. 
I need to be a supervisor, I have been working as a counsellor for 8 years it’s time for a change, I think I would rock, I think Toronto has taught a good work ethic with an even balance between fun and hard work as well as FAIR supervision. I think these people need to be told that these little things are not cool and not fair to the rest of the team, I think if it was presented in such a way that it shows how it directly impacts others then maybe they would make an effort, and if not, then they have been warned so put it in writting in their files.


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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein. When it feels like your world has been shattered, and you have reached rock bottom, you must make a choice: Stay where you are and fade away, or keep moving forward. Thankfully I chose to move forward and was blessed with the two most wonderful children after the death of my first in early labor. Things are looking up.

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  1. It’s interesting how this is a widespread issue at most companies. Coming in late, leaving early, etc… and the person who actually works hard has to do all the work, and no one gets reprimanded.
    Also that smoking thing, so ridiculous. I hate smokers for that reason.
    I come into work at 9:30 everyday, half an hour “late” because I live very far away and there’s no possible way to get there at 9. I can either leave my house at 6am and get there at 6:30, or leave my house at 9 and get there at 9:30, but there’s no in between because of rush hour traffic. If I leave during rush hour or any time around it, it’s a 2 hour drive in. The managers all come in at 9:00, and our resources come in at 11.
    So 1. It’s pointless that anyone comes in before 11, because we just sit there for two hours waiting for resources.
    2. The managers that come in at 9am, the work until 9:15 then they go for coffee until 10. Meanwhile, I get in at 9:30 and work straight through. And I am the one who gets in trouble for “coming in late”.
    The system makes no sense, and it’s always the “hard working” people that get fucked in the end, like you and I. I don’t get it, I don’t know how to not work hard, and I especially don’t know how these non-hard workers don’t get in trouble, and we for sure would if we pulled what they did.

  2. That is why I hated working so much. I don’t understand I guess being shitty makes life easier for you.

  3. I hate it when managers don’t punish the obvious offenders like that. It really messes with the morale of everyone else…ergh…

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