Love/Hate Chiropractic

So I had never been to a Chiropractor before this May, mostly cause I heard it was expensive and the idea of getting cracked bothered me. I started going cause I hurt my back and was desperet, he did a good job and I felt much better. Price however was a concern and I was very open and honest about him that our budget was not good and that I could not afford much more then the 500$ I am covered for. I told him maybe another 300$ for the rest of the year, so $800 total. I asked to stretch my appointments until December out accordingly. He insisted he needed to see me 3x a week for at least a month cause I needed alot of help. I told him I couldn’t afford it. He offered me a payment plan that I thought meant I was getting a discount since I was doing SO MANY sessions. I asked him clearly, with Dave there, if this meant I had to cough up $200 a month until December, because I couldn’t afford it, he said it was not a binding contract.  So July we were not able to pay all our normal bills, we went in the hole. I called the chiropractor end of June and said I couldn’t make my July payment or August cause things were really bad for us, since I had paid for May and June (200$ a month plus extra tests worth 85$) I was going stop now for the summer and come back in my third trimester when I am hopping things will be better financially and I will really need the help. I guess I missunderstood the payment agreement and the monthly payment plans because I got a damn bill for $400.00 in the mail Friday. I already paid $500 to date. This means for 2 months of care, it cost me $900.00. They billed me 50$ for each and every session he insisted I needed. If I had known I would not have gone. I don’t have the money, this is putting deeper into debt, the debt I am trying so hard to pay down before Janaury and newbebe’s possible arrival.

I feel like I have taken advantage of and had all my need’s ignored. I will never go back to this clinic and I am now afaid of getting any furthur chiropractic care, which is sad, because it helped. I will have to send him 4 post dated checks for $100.00.
This sucks when your already buying your groceries from your overdraft.

Now I am stressed because I spent 80$ on myself last week before I saw this comming. I bought myself a new dress and pashmina shawl to wear to my friends wedding in Toronto in October, I saw it and fell in love so I tried it on hoping it looked bad and it didn’t it looked great, so I bought it. I work my ass off, all day everyday, and I have to feel bad I spend $80 on clothes. I have not bought any new clothes at this year, so what the hell. I am just tiered of working for nothing. I have to remind myself we have our house and we love it. Also things will get better as Dave starts bringing in some stable income again. Sigh.


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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein. When it feels like your world has been shattered, and you have reached rock bottom, you must make a choice: Stay where you are and fade away, or keep moving forward. Thankfully I chose to move forward and was blessed with the two most wonderful children after the death of my first in early labor. Things are looking up.

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  1. that’s crap!! I’ve never heard of billing for services not received. The max. missed appointment fee is $20 in Ontario. That doesn’t seem right, I would freak out on him and his policies and I would insist to see where I signed up for a program of continuous payments. B.S.
    I am glad to hear you found a wonderful outfit for my wedding! I’m starting to get nervous now! and I feel better knowing you both will be there amongst the many who’ll be staring at me!! lol!

    • See. that’s the trick, he isen’t billing me for services not received. What he is doing is that b/c he wanted to see me 3x a week, and that would be $50 a session or 150$ a week, he gave me a discount and charged me 300$ a month for unlimited adjustments, so I paid for May and June, but b/c I choose to stop going for a while. I guess the discount no longer applied cause I got a backbill for $50 for each and every session minus what I already paid. So instead of May and June being $600 total at the monthly rate it’s $900 at the daily rate, so I owe him another $300 I don’t have.
      Sadly that is retardedly expensive and I am not rich enough aparently to see a chiro.

      • I just wouldnt send him any money and call and tell him that he mislead you. Don’t send post dated checks either. He can still cash them. It is actually illegal to post date.

  2. D: That’s awful. When I was pregnant with Zinnia, I got referred to a chiropractor who only charged five dollars a visit once your insurance coverage ran out, for pregnant women. I guess I didn’t know just how lucky I was.

  3. Ugh…Your chiro really doesn’t sound like he was very honest not explain the billing process and payments well at all. I had the same problem with a chiro I’d seen a couple years ago after having some issues. I told him my budget, and how much my insurance paid and how I didn’t want to pay any more than a certain amount and then started getting all these bills in the mail. Ergh…so annoying. Even worse was that I didn’t feel like he’d helped me all that much. I’m sorry you’re going through these issues with your own chiro and debts.

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