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ok so here is the story of my hospital visit on Wednesday….

Firstly, I had to meet with this doctor I don’t like, because everyone else was on vacation. She is the doctor I saw last May and dislike for so many reasons.
1) She is VERY phony, her stupid smile and fakeness and she talks to you like your 10 years old grr. 
2) She dosen’t take the time to read your damn file until she is sitting in front of you. 
3) She told me last time that she dosen’t call patients unless their tests are significant, so when she did the Lupus                                         Anticogaluant repeat last May, she said if I didn’t hear from her within 2 weeks, it’s negative. She never called back.
I called her 5x and finally end of June she called me back to explain my test results, which were possitive BTW. So needless to say I don’t trust her word. 
4) She is always asking me if I have signs of Lupus. She never told me that in like half of people with a Lupus Anticoagulant, they NEVER have systematic Lupus.  I found this out from my own damn research. She is still asking me about rashes and shit today.
5) She always says sorry when she mentions Evan, like it’s hard for me to talk about him. She calls it my Sad Event. Bite me.
6) I think she get’s a Heparin kick back cause she is all about the damn Heparin.

Ok ok so you get it,  Dave and I don’t like her šŸ™‚ but we had to see her Wednesday…sigh.

So our appointment was scheduled last Wednesday after the ultrasound and maternal serum test/blood clotting factors test, it was scheduled to look at the results of all the above and decide on the best course of action moving forward.

So we show up for said appointment Wednesday at 2pm, we register at reception, they tell us to have a seat, we do for 15 minutes they call us in, the nurse put’s Dave in a meeting room, takes me to be weighed, messured and to pee in a cup. At this time it is 2:30, she sends me to the room with Dave to wait for the Dr. We wait. and wait. and wait. Finally at 3:15 after a 45 minute wait, an intern comes in, she sits with us, I don’t know her purpose, she reads my file, talks about the 2008 tests. She dosen’t know we have had ANY of the blood work done last week, the results are not in my file, she dosen’t know I had an ultrasound last week…She says she is off to look for the results. We continue to wait, 15 minutes later she comes back with a dopler, she says only two results were back, the ANA and the Anti-DNA and they are both negative. The other results are not ready yet so the Dr. will have to formulate a treatment plan at this stage based on passed results. I.e The blood taken in 2007 just after my loss and 2008. Then she takes my blood pressure and it’s through the roof, and she turns to me and says, "Are we stresing you out?".. YES I say, this day as a whole is stressing me out. Ok she says well let’s listen to the babies heartbeat shall we? That will make you happy. It did. It was 160. After that my blood pressure was normal haha.

Ok so then the actual Dr. comes in, the one I dislike, I still dislike her, phony as all hell. She says well we don’t have any results but I am going to recommend Heparin anyways based on your past tests. She says these tests are more accurate outside of pregnancy anyways. Dave at this point flips and says, so what was the poing of the 12 vials of blood last week? Oh she says, just to check on how things are looking now, they wouldn’t change my recommendations in terms of treatment. So we discuss Heparin, or in this case Fragmin, how there are  not any major side effects to such a low dose, 5000 units 1x day, and the major side effect is the bruising, and it can make a big differance in pregnancy outcome but can’t guarantee I won’t have another stillbirth, cause only God can do that. (No shit). We discuss finances and how I can’t afford the meds when I am on Mat leave, she says they can provide it to me when my coverage ends, she says that after January and baby is born I can be on Warfrin for those 6 weeks and it’s way easier and cheaper (Fragmin treatment is $400 a month, I think I mentioned that) so she said enough to convince us both to give it a try in the end. 

Then I ask her for the results of my Maternal Serum screening, she says they only send them back at this stage (1 of 2 trimester tests to create an average) if something is wrong, so if they are not back, then they are fine. I tell her I can’t handle that, cause last time she said that it turned out my test was possitive and no one called me. She looks anoyed but sends her intern to call the lab for the results. In the meantime they send a nurse in to take more blood for creatine and platelet levels, and she says the Dr, told her to test for Rubella and Hep. as well, I asked why? I was already tested for this with my standard pregnancy blood work. Oh it’s not in your file. Oh, well that’s because I get all my standard prenatal care at my OB’s, not here, I am here strictly for the ultrasounds and blood clotting stuff. I promise to be a good patient and bring my medical records so they both have the same information. Good thing I am keeping track of all of this, or I would be getting twice the damn bloodwork. They give me a sheet on injecting Heparin, pop in to tell me my numbers on the Serum screening look good and send along my way. Only however, after a promise I will be 2x a week for 3 weeks to get my platelets drawn again to make sure I am not reacting badly to the Heparin.

So much for needle phobia. I still don’t even know if I tested possitive again for a blood clotting disorder or not, I guess someday I will find out. Sigh.

Gone are the day’s of easy low intervention pregnancy. Now I am a human pin cushion with WAY to many annoying doctors in my life. I will however, do anything to get this baby here as intact as possible, so I guess I will just have to suck it up.

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ā€œLife is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.ā€ ā€” Albert Einstein. When it feels like your world has been shattered, and you have reached rock bottom, you must make a choice: Stay where you are and fade away, or keep moving forward. Thankfully I chose to move forward and was blessed with the two most wonderful children after the death of my first in early labor. Things are looking up.

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  1. Dear god these doctors… That’s all I have to say because you know I know, and I know you know. *hugs*

  2. Okay here’s what I don’t understand… and I could be totally wrong, you know i have no idea, and I don’t wanna say anything hurtful or upsetting… but this bothers me, because… Evan died not because of blood clotting or any reason whatsoever, right? It was because he was overdue and too large , right? At least that’s what I’ve read from your LJs.
    So, what I don’t understand is why any of this needs to happen? If you tested anyone for all this shit, of course soemthing would be positive, right? Like, ugh it just makes me mad, because I grew up with a lot of doctor issues surrounding my parents ‘fake’ illnesses. And i just hate doctors because of it.
    So, I just don’t get why all of this is necessary, and sounds like it’s stressing you out and for no reason, you know?

    • I know. Seriously. This is the whole what came first chicken or egg game. The coroner says Evan died of a cord accident, random and unforseen. The Doctor says well a cord accident is when the oxygen/blood flow is cut off from the cord and it COULD have been a blood clot, despite one not being found. Whatever. I know it’s crazy and it’s cause me lots of stress, and it might be wholy uncessasary but I thought could I live with myself if I am wrong and they are right and the baby dies because of it? the answer was no, so I decided to do things their way.

  3. I just finished Labor Pains, which is memoir by a midwife in NYC. In it there is a chapter about miscarriages, fetal demise, and infant death. She says two things: one about miscarriages and fetal demise – she says it’s mother natures way of natural selection. I’m sure it was more eloquent. But it makes sense to me. But about the infant death, she says sometimes babies change their minds and decide they don’t want to be born.
    I don’t know if any of that helps, but I thought of you reading the whole chapter.

    • I am sure she is right and now I am strong enought to stop and contemplate that possibility, that for some reason I can’t know, it was supposed to end that way. Evan is ok and lived exactly the way and the length of time he was likely meant to live.
      However-in the moment I could not have gone there, in the moment I was lucky to keep my sanity, not jump off a building/bridge, go around stealing someone else’s baby. These thoughts crossed my mind when I in the trenches of loss and depression. So the theory certainly dosen’t make it any easier to go through, even someone as generally grounded as me can nearly loose their minds after going through stillbirth. It also dosen’t stop the inability to truly enjoy pregnancy this time sadly.
      I do know what she is saying though.

  4. Ug I am sorry bureaucracy is so sucky and good doctors sometimes work with phony a-holes.
    I really hope the payment situation you dicussed with her works out, because I know you’ve been burned with stuff like that before and it seems like this Dr’s brain cells leak. Maybe at your next appointment your good doctor can help you get it in writing.

    • Ya for sure, well I have heard the same thing from 3 differant doctors now so hopefully that means something.
      I am sure they get a government kickback or something, part of our federal medical program.

  5. ugh i so know what you mean. i am really glad that i had a good doc i could trust, in spite of all the injections, shots, blah blahs that i had to have done. i pray things can steady out for you and you can at least have a quality provider walking you thru this.

  6. holy crap that’s all too stressful!!
    I hate that pregnancy has become sooo interventioned…..glad on one hand but ugh on the other, yanno!?!?!

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