Exausted..Man I need sleep.

Wow what a whilrwind 10 days off work, I have to go back in the morning…Reluctantly.

The AC DC concert on Thursday night was mindblowing awesome and so worth walking an hour each direction to and from the concert site and standing for 4 hours during the concert. They played all their hits, I have the playlist and will eventually get around to typing it up, but they rocked, and there were 80,000 people there so it was pretty intense. My mom was cute and overprotective and didn’t like that I was going, people might hit into my belly and I might get hot and dehydrated and pregnant women should not be at rock concerts ect…

I am done with changing every aspect of my life for a potential baby. Of course I will take care of myself, but really I did EVERYTHING right with Evan and changed everything and he didn’t make it, and then I was left alone, not who I was, not who I though I was becoming and I had to start fresh. I intend to go forward with my normal life and enjoy it and be happy and if this baby blesses us with it’s life then wonderful, THEN I will gladly change everything for it.

I had plans to go camping the next day, Friday until Sunday with my brother and his girlfriend. Because the campground was 1.5 hours drive we were supposed to try and be on the road long before dinner hour. However, my brother and his girlfriend (and basically 75% of everyone else at the big outdoor rock event) got stupid drunk so I figured he would have a mighty hangover the next day. My uncle was throwing a deep fried turkey backyard after ACDC party so I knew they intended to stay up late. (Dave and I were home and asleep by 2am, me being 4 months pregnant and all). Anyhow at 1:30pm on Friday my brother called, he sounded rough, said he got home at 7:30am but was up and would jump in the shower and shouldn’t be too long. Then I didn’t hear from him for 5 hours. At 6:30pm I called his cell and got the answering machine, I left him a very pissed off message that Dave and I would not be joining them camping. A-We don’t want to set up camp in the dark and in the rain, B-It was extremely rude of him to leave me hanging for 5 hours, I was only in town for the weekend and could have done other things with the day besides sit on my ass waiting for him to show up. I was livid. He does crap like this all the time. He is 30 and usually acts 18. He called back apologizing profusely, he fell back asleep until 3pm after talking to me and then was running around gathering up camping gear. Whatever. He should have/could have called instead of leaving me hanging. He and his girlfriend decided to head out anyways. The next morning was super sunny and nice so Dave and I decided to go and join them and just camp the one night. So we arrived around noon and ended up having a good time, so I am glad we went. We all went out on my brother’s friends fishing boat and got to watch all the seals playing in the ocean, then we fished for Mackeral and brought it back to the campsite for dinner, sat around the campfire chatting and just catching up until 2am before crashing out hard in our mutual tents.

Today I am just glad to be back home, exausted and so ready to sleep in my bed. However, we have been problems with my male cat, so I came home to great stress AGAIN. He has decided randomly with no pattern in the past 3 weeks that he is no longer peeing in the litter box. This happens when we are home, when we go away, when we change the litter, when we clean the box, just seems to be no rhyme or reason. (As a side note, this is not an infection, it is 100% behavioural, he has a history of this but I thought he had stopped as it had been like 3 years since his last incident, when he has a UTI his pee is in small puddles all over and he cries, when it’s behavioural it clear pee all in one spot over and over and over). In the past three weeks he has ruined two rugs and this past weekend, while we were out of town and he had a constant supply of fresh water, and food and a quiet house all to the cats no dog to bother him, he pissed every single time he needed to on Dave work boots and no were else, his box was pristine and pee free. (Years ago he had a thing with peeing on our stuff, backpack, Daves pillow ect…but we thought we had resolved it). So now Dave threw out his $150.00 work boots and is seriously done with the cat. Like he was set to take him to the vet and say give him away or put him down, but luckily he has calmed. This is not going well and we are both at wits end, this cat has had on and off serious behavioural issues forever, like since I took him in 8 years ago, in terms of pissing on things, and we think we have broken him then just randomly he starts doing it again. Dave wanted to get rid of him when I was expecting Evan cause he peed on the baby things, but I said let’s wait and see how he is with the baby. Then the baby never came home so he stayed. I am desperetly trying to identify why he is doing this and resolve it somehow cause I don’t think I could find him another family, there are so many cats looking for homes. He causes me so much stress that I often wish I hadn’t have rescued him 8 years ago. I had Jewel for 10 years and she has never once been a problem pet. Jaspurr has been nothing but trouble since day 1 but I felt to bad to not keep him as he was a rescue. The big thing is nothing has changed in the past 3 weeks excepts us having lots of houseguest, and too bad cat but we have guests and we are glad they come whether you like it or not.

Edit** Oh he peed on my flip flops too, it’s not just Dave that’s the target, he repetedly peed on both of our shoes and only on our shoes. I know they say cat’s are not spiteful, that’s it means something more, but rightnow I beg to differ, I think this is just plain spite.

It’s not the new house, we have been here a year, it’s not Oliver had him a year, it’s not Dave they have never liked each other but have co-habited anyways for over 4 years, the boxes are the same, in the same place, with the same litter. They are used to us being away for the weekend  as we go away alot and have their entire lives, the only changing factor is we had guests for 2,5 weeks in a row from Toronto and he dosen’t know them. I am not willing to change that, it’s our house. 

Really at wits end with this cat and seriously wishing I did have someone who could take him, maybe he would be happier in a single pet household, I just don’t think I could find someone. Sigh. 

Ok absolutely exausted now, so off to bed. Dude as I was finishing this up we hear a crazy loud sound like static, like when you TV goes dead but it was outside and it shook our house, Dave said he thought it an explosion and now there are sirens everywere and I need to know what the hell is going on, but it’s like in the distance and it’s late so I am not getting dressed and heading out, but something is going on big time.   

About mommamaynard

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein. When it feels like your world has been shattered, and you have reached rock bottom, you must make a choice: Stay where you are and fade away, or keep moving forward. Thankfully I chose to move forward and was blessed with the two most wonderful children after the death of my first in early labor. Things are looking up.

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  1. Glad you had fun at the concert. It also sounds like the camping turned out well afterall after the rocky beginning.
    Sorry to hear you’re having issues with your annoying man cat. It sounds like you’ve already tried to get to the bottom of things so I don’t really have any advice. Just sympathy.

    • Hey!
      Welcome home!!You seemed like you and Dave had a wonderful time.AC/DC sounded awesome!
      Sorry about that cat thing. I had the SAME thing happen to me too. We had to get of her but what a mess she left. Ruined a lot of carpet.
      Did you find out what that sound came from?

      • The problem is that it’s not so easy to just get rid of the cat, I would have to find someone willing to take him, and I don’t know anyone and there are tons of cats of Kijiji so I feel like my options are really limited.
        I haven’t heard anything about the damn sound yet, maybe it was minor, but it sure was loud.

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