Happy Moma…death to kitty??

Of course not really, don’t go jumping all over me. I am LOOSING my mind…loosing it and this cat is the culprit, well both but today this one specifically, see picture above…
She the cat that bolted out, she wants to be outside? all the time? She is not an outdoor cat and her shots are out of date so I need to get her new shots done asap. Since she got out twice she walks around the house whinning day and night, around the clock, like a cat in heat would only she is 10, spayed and not in heat, she want’s to be outside. She has woken me up every 2 hours for the past 2 nights, I am pregnant and exausted (not looking for pity, just venting) and not getting restful sleep, I am at nerves end this morning, and each time she cries out, I feel my blood boil. I think I am actually almost ready to just kick her the hell out so I can get a moment’s peace. I am normally  a very patient girl, my patience is at the end of it’s rope, I can feel tension bolt through me each time I hear her little squeeky voice yell out AGAIN. Please please shut her up….I have been over it, again and again, nothing has changed in our daily lives in over a year except me being pregnant, and I have been that before, in fact things changed more with Evan cause we started collected baby stuff immediately, they  barely reacted.

I just don’t know how I am going to balance all this. A baby, a screatching cat, another cat who has suddenly decided he is not using his litter box anymore no matter what. and then a pup…a baby dog who is supposed to be the neediest of the damn bunch but is making things easy on me….Wow! How the hell will the cat’s react when I actually bring a baby home? I am sure it’s a vicious cycle, the cat’s sense my tension and get tense ect..but I wasn’t tense like 4 weeks ago before all this crap started. I wish more then anything right now I could find a good family with a good home to take my kitties so I can feel good they are taken care off and so that I could get 1 day to myself before…..my child is here. 10 years…not one day at hard as this past month has been…why now? I mean dealing with litter boxes, shedding and other cat missbehaviours was ok when they were good company. Now I just feeling resent and anger at them cause no matter how hard I try, they won’t seem to change back..

They say ask for help when your feeling overwhelmed with your baby, well mine isen’t here yet and it worries me that I am having fantasies of picking the cat and chucking her the hell outside. Her unending screams are piercing my ears and making me cringe,


and I am so happy otherwise, so happy last night, on cloud 9 all night, then she kept me up all night and is still screaming at me now as I type this. Ignoring her won’t work, yelling at her won’t work, putting her in a cold shower didn’t work, locking her in the basement with food and litter at night didn’t work cause she screams through the door and into my bedroom..I so done.


About mommamaynard

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein. When it feels like your world has been shattered, and you have reached rock bottom, you must make a choice: Stay where you are and fade away, or keep moving forward. Thankfully I chose to move forward and was blessed with the two most wonderful children after the death of my first in early labor. Things are looking up.

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  1. You know, I would be VERY unpopular with that ex-friend of yours, and even with some other people who might read this comment, but I’ve got to say it. It’s okay to change your stance on your cats. You can punt them out the door. It’s okay and you won’t be a bad person.
    Like, how do I put this so that it makes sense? I just woke up.
    Over the past few years, being a mom and seeing scores and scores of other parents, I’ve realized something I NEVER would have adhered to before. And that’s that other people do things much differently than I do, and some do it WORSE, not just differently, but worse, in my mind, and yet the way they do it is perfectly fine. Just peachy. It works for them. Carry your kid around in a carseat all day and drop them off at daycare for ten hours? Fine. Honestly. Their kid has just as much chance as mine of growing up happy and healthy. Just like you don’t have as much control over your pregnancy as you think you do, because a crack addict’s baby could turn out healthier than yours. And just like you go into parenthood thinking you’ll breastfeed and co-sleep or you won’t co-sleep or you will parent this way or that, and then your kid comes along and has ideas of their own about all of those things. It’s okay to change your stance on it all!
    So! My point! Haha. Well, it turns out that those people I looked down on for years, those cat owners who put their cats out and don’t worry about their every need? They’re fine. Their cats are fine. It works for them. There are more important things to worry about.
    I’m in the same boat as you. My 7 year old cats had never ever been outside until we moved several months ago. They also didn’t PEE ON OUR STUFF before. But now they want out and they peed on everything on the bathroom floor.
    I’ve got kids to look after! Things to worry about, that doesn’t include idiot cats who run in and out the door even in a downpour because they are too stupid not to. And it’s okay. There are people out there who will look down on me and my irresponsible cat ownership. But what matters is that I’m doing what works best for my family. Forget those other people. One day they too will have the epiphany that it just doesn’t matter what other people do, and they’ll stop getting nitpicky with us all.

    • Thank you for this..seriously, I appreciate you really taking time to put yourself in my shoes and help with what I am feeling.
      It’s such a conundrum, I feel deeply guilty about wanting them out of my hair, like I should just be more patient, I know I have less patience they usual in the past while. I hope a solution resolves itself, right it’s looking like letting her out is the best one, we live in a pretty removed quiet place, far away from major roadways, chances are she will just explore the woods and hunt mice anyways. I will get her annual shot this week and talk to the vet some more.

  2. Have you thought that there actually might be something wrong with her? She’s an older cat… she could be crying because she’s ill.
    As for the other cat – perhaps the missed litter box episodes are due to the puppy.
    This sucks. 😦 I’m sorry.

    • Hey Renee! Ya I did think maybe there was something medically wrong with her, so I took her for a checkup, I was hoping for answers,she is fine as far as they can tell, she is eating, pooping, playing ect..coat is shinny and eyes and ears healthy..He says keep an eye on her and if anything changes let him know. I truly truly beleive she just want’s to go outside and is being very vocal about it, she has always been facinated with the outdoors but it has just hit it’s peak I think because we always lived in apartment buildings and now we are in a house on the ground with a back yard full of wild life she want’s to hunt.
      As for the litter box fiasco, they have their litter boxes in the basement, way off in a private corner were the dog dosen’t go, he dosen’t go downstairs at all, period, he is afraid of the basment so they have the whole basement to themselves. I think that is the problem maybe, Jaspurr has always, for all 8 years had litter issues, he pee’s on things at random and won’t use the box if it’s dirty at all, so now I clean 2x a day, and he is still using the basement floor, i think it’s cause he assumes he owns the whole basement and so it’s his to do whatever with, I think it may be a marking thing he has always had, even though I had neutered as soon as I could when he was a baby. The answer keeps comming back that it’s behavioural, and we have gone over and over our routine, and nothing has changed, we got Oliver when we got the house a year ago, they didn’t like him at first but everyone learned to live together and we had more space for everyone, things were jolly good until July..I can’t figure out why July? For the life of me.
      Thanks for the sympathy, I feel bad cause I want to be a good pet owner, I love animals and I have always wanted the best for them, there were always mostly fine until now, this is a new extreme for me, plus I have less tolerance for anxiety b/c of this lovely newly acquired PTS so I get overwhelmed much easier then before. Oy!
      I just pray something works itself out soon, I fear it will only get worse when the baby actually comes, I heard horror stories about cat’s using a baby crib as a litter box.

    • Taking her back to the vet anyways cause she didn’t get her annual shots last time since we couldn’t afford both the checkup and shots all at once. I would actually be relieved if there something medical that could be treated with med’s sigh.

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