24 weeks…spitting distance.

In just 3 short day’s I will be 24 weeks. That is 4 weeks aways from my third trimester.
My current due date is February 3rd, but 38 weeks falls on January 21st, that is just a bit over 3 MONTHS AWAY πŸ™‚ Hell’s ya!
I feel like time has been so wonderful, passing so quickly these past 24 weeks, let us hope the next 12 pass just as quickly.
This baby is wonderfully strong and moves so much, I love it. She has kick fests after each meal, but her biggest ones are at night when I lay down to go to bed, and in the early morning. Lately in my semi commited kick counts (not supposed to really start for a few weeks yet) I get 8 kicks in 10 minutes tops.

Most days are wonderful as I feel her steam rolling around in my belly. Last night at dinner I said to Dave that the baby was wiggling and squiggling around like mad. he broke into a verse of "Dont stop moving baby, oh that booty drives me crazy, squiggle wiggle, squiggle, wiggle." I thought it was to sweet, and will now be my theme chorus to Evangeline. The song itself outside the chorus is much less sweet, so we will just stick with the chorus.

I have been enjoying this pregnancy entirely more then I ever expected. I  would say 95% good, 5% bad. The 5% are the horrible moments of panic I have had when I am sure for a dreaded moment the baby has died. Thankfully, they don’t happen often. It happened last Thursday, after a long day at work followed by a 3 hour drive to my mothers. I realized I had not felt much movement all day, I told myself it was nothing, just a long busy day, I grabbed a Ginger Ale from the fridge to drink, then went to bed, expecting to feel her move anytime. Exausted as I was I crashed out, however I awoke in a panic at 3am thinking I had not felt the baby move, I lay in bed terrified for half an hour, begging for any movement. I had brought the doppler Natashia lent me, but I was back and forth on using it. I was to leave for Toronto in the morning, if the baby was deceased I thought, I should wait until I get back from Toronto to confirm it, I didn’t want to know. Finally I rationalised that I needed to know, so I got up and went to the bathroom with the doppler. I found her heartbeat in 2 seconds flat luckily, guess she was just having a mellow day. The next day on the 16 hour drive to Toronto, I didn’t notice much movement either, I was so worried something was wrong with her. Once I got to Dave’s mom’s and laid down, she starting kicking again. Since then she has been kicking up a storm. 

I have come to notice patterns in her behaviour: 

  1. Like a newborn-she sleeps in the car. 
  2. Like a newborn-she is most hyper when I would normally be sleeping. 
  3. Like a newborn-she has 1/2 hour of harcore activity followed by 3-4 hours of sleep, over and over through the day. 
  4. She get’s really really hyper and punches hard when I eat spicy food. 
  5. She get’s really really hyper when I eat spicy type sweets, like Carrot Cake and Pumpkin pie, with the cinnamon and nutmeg.  

In a moment of braveness I brought back a car load (Serious) of baby stuff for her. Dave’s sister loaded me up with stuff from her kids
(Car seat with stroller set, exersaucer, bouncy chair, 5 bags of girl clothes ranging from newborn to 1 year and a full pink and white plaid crib set) and also when we were at Ikea I bought some baskets, a wall lamp in the shape of a white flower and a long hanging thing for toy/diaper storage in white. We have already planned out exactly how we want to decorate her nursery and Dave want’s to go all out on that one haha, you will see. He want’s to decorate it all and get it set up before she arrives. He thinks we will be to tiered with her here and also that the paint fumes are bad for her new lungs. I agree with him, and every ounce of my maternal instincts want’s to start washing and storing baby clothes now, but I am so nervous about it all. In the end, we both have agreed that "IF" we loose her, we are ok with taking apart another nursery, that we both agree, putting away Evan’s stuff was NOT the hardest part of lossing him, living without him was, and we WANT to give into our nesting instinct and prepare for this little girl. We are both so excited and hopeful that she will bless us and make our small family feel complete.

We agreed to work on the room in December, just a few weeks before she is due.
A huge part of me just REALLY believes this girl is comming home and is gonna be wonderful. Maybe it’s self defense πŸ™‚

Symptoms update soon, maybe when I do my proper 24 weeks fruit thing.

About mommamaynard

β€œLife is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” β€” Albert Einstein. When it feels like your world has been shattered, and you have reached rock bottom, you must make a choice: Stay where you are and fade away, or keep moving forward. Thankfully I chose to move forward and was blessed with the two most wonderful children after the death of my first in early labor. Things are looking up.

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  1. I understand all of this! I get the totally paranoid feeling a lot too. I am SOO convinced that hes already dead and every time he moves I am just amazed that hes still in there, alive and kicking.
    I can tell this little ones sleep patterns too. Its so cool
    3 more months!! Wow!!
    And this baby WILL come home! She will!

  2. I can’t wait to see pictures of your beautiful newborn girl in a few months.

  3. Is it normal to induce labor in a pregnancy that follows a stillbirth?

    • It is, especially if it’s an unexplained stillbirth at term. In theory they could let you go to 40 weeks, since your having pretty regular biophysical profiles done, but they don’t want you to go overdue. Alot of it I think has to do with mom’s mentality and also the underlying cause of the stillbirth. If the underlying cause for instance was something genetic, or a defect, and they can rule it out in this pregnancy then they may be more likely to allow labour to progress as nature intended. If it’s a cord accident, placenta problem, blood clotting problem ect..all these things are more likly to occur each day after 40 weeks, so they feel it’s safer in this case to induce at 38-39 weeks then the risk of waiting it out, these factors are hard to predict/watch for.
      For a mother who has been through stillbirth, especially the type of stillbirth Evan had, sudden and unforseen, each day in is another fearful day that the child might die, wereas if they are on the outside, we feel we have ‘somewhat’ more control over their wellbeing when we can hold them and see if they look ok. Doctor’s thus also offer induction at full term for the sanity of the mom. I am 100% in agreance with this, and I was 100% no induction prior to lossing Evan. I fought not to be induced at 14 days overdue and he died, so I can’t honestly say I feel I made the right decision. Something changes, you no longer have full trust in your body. I think if this pregnancy continues to go perfectly, then when I attempt it again, I will ask to go to 40 weeks next round. We will see. πŸ™‚
      Hope that answers your question.

      • It does. I did not mean to bring up repressed memories, I was just curious. So a mother is basically considered “high risk” after a stillbirth even though they are generally unexplained phenomenons that may or may not happen with every pregnancy?

      • Again, I think it depends on the likelyhood of it re-occuring. If it’s like Trisomy related, or something else that can be found via ultrasound, then I think by 15ish weeks it can generally be ruled out in subsequent pregnancy, and the mother treated accordingly (i.e treated like any other pregnancy) However if it’s something like I said related to cord, placenta or blood flow, the likelyhood of it re-occuring is there, there is an increased likelyhood of it re-occuring, so you are named high risk to keep a close eye on baby size, activity, fluid levels, blood flow ect.

  4. i am SO PROUD of you, you are doing so amazing, you are wonderful, strong, what a great attitude you both have! I am looking forward to hanging out again next time you guys are “in town” aka not 16 hours away, ahaha, and holding your sweet girl, and introducing Eli to a new rainbow baby girlfriend πŸ˜€

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