But mom…..

I hate that I have to go to work today feeling so crappy. I can’t breath out of my nose and my throat is raw.
I have sick days but can’t take more time off right now since I just had 6 business days off for my trip to To. and who knows what is going on at the office with me gone. My team and my clients need me. I imagine I am no longer contagious.

Colds suck when your pregnant and all you can take is vitamin c and rest. Oh well, ces la vie.

Whine, whine, whine. Off to work. Evangeline woke me up at 6am with her kicks and my stomach was YELLING for food. Like as if I haden’t eaten a giant turkey dinner last night right. Gessh. I will be curious at my pre-natal checkup this afternoon to see how much weight I have gained, I feel like none despite the crazy eating. I am sure the frequent vomiting equals things out haha, today I am proud to be 2 consecutive days vomit free. Woot.

About mommamaynard

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein. When it feels like your world has been shattered, and you have reached rock bottom, you must make a choice: Stay where you are and fade away, or keep moving forward. Thankfully I chose to move forward and was blessed with the two most wonderful children after the death of my first in early labor. Things are looking up.

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