H1N1 Vaccine stress

I have been all over the map about wether to get the H1N1 Vaccine or not. I have a good few weeks to think it through cause the version that has been approved for pregnant women has not made it to NS yes. However, I am so back and forth on this.
First of all, I don’t do flu shots or uncessary vaccines as a rule, so if it was just me then not a chance I would be getting this shot. I have been just so worried about Evangeline though, if anything were to happen to her, one way or another, I would be devastated, so I needed to feel I had done my full research before making a decision.

This is what I found out:
H1N1 does not cross the placenta, so will not directly impact baby. Pregnant women are more prone to get the worse symptoms of the virus if they get it, rather then some of the milder ones, which is why they recommend vaccination. The only impact H1N1 will have on the baby are secondary to the impact it has on the mother. I.E High fever, dehydration, breathing difficulty.

That being said, I think I am going to take my chances, take my vitamins, wash my hands alot and try to keep away from sick people. I think in a worse case scenario, if I do get very sick, I will go right away to the hospital and they can then make sure my health is stable and not having a negative impact on babe’s growth and health. I just don’t feel comfortable taking the vaccine yet, not when I am not convinced it may have more harm on babe and me then actually getting the virus.

Bottom line for me was H1N1 does not have a direct impact on fetuses, it does not cause birth deffects or lead to potential stillbirth. I just need to keep me healthy and strong, and be responsible and babe should be a-ok.

I hope I am making the right choice. This sucks.

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β€œLife is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” β€” Albert Einstein. When it feels like your world has been shattered, and you have reached rock bottom, you must make a choice: Stay where you are and fade away, or keep moving forward. Thankfully I chose to move forward and was blessed with the two most wonderful children after the death of my first in early labor. Things are looking up.

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  1. I completely agree!
    I am pregnant for the first time and of course there has to be some ginormous ordeal over a special vaccine. Well I feel the same way you do, I have never been sick a day in my life…that is with anything serious, and I feel if I am washing my hands and taking my vitamins and staying as healthy as I can “naturally” everything will be better for myself and for the baby. Its nice, because my OB isn’t pushing it, having her own children, she understands where we’re coming from.

  2. I’m back and forth on this too. For what it’s worth, here in DK they are only recommending pregnant women get this vaccine if they have an underlying health issue.

    • I got it on a whim today, my boss helped with the decision, I was back and forth and she said take the day off with pay and go get it, it’s worth the piece of mind. So I did.

  3. Hi! I’m a total lurker. I’ve been following your ups and downs forever, and finally just thought it would be easier to add you to my friends-list. No pressure to add me back…I just like to follow your LJ. πŸ™‚
    I’m so excited to read about your baby girl on the way…I have a daughter too, and oh my goodness are they fun. πŸ™‚
    Totally agree with you on how freaking HARD this decision (to vax or not vax against swine flu) has been. We decided to skip it as well. (We get the seasonal shot, just will be opting out of H1N1.)
    Anyway, hi, I hope you don’t mind if I add you!

  4. This is a very personal choice, so I am just writing this as my personal opinion and in the end you have to make the choice for yourself and your baby.
    I will say that I honestly believe you should get the shot. Yes, there is a small (and unlikely) risk of minor complications, but the risk of you getting VERY ill without the shot is much better. Even if you stay away from sick people, the virus can be airborne and you could get sick just from being in the same grocery store or post office as someone else. I completely understand your fears, but even the CDC is saying that it is very important for pregnant women to be getting the shot. The risk to you and your daughter without it, according to all of the facts, is great.
    Some back up for my opinion:

  5. well i’m in NY, my 4m old got H1N1 in August and no one bothered to tell us til this month πŸ˜‰ he really wasn’t that sick (high fever but thought it was a bad cold or rsv) and no one else got sick. so i think it’s kind of hyped up. if you are healthy, then you should be ok. if you are not ok with the chance that you might not be, then i think the shot is a good choice. I personally would never put something that was rushed onto the market and had about 0% testing done on it, in myself or my kids.
    and i don’t personally think comparing smoking and lung cancer to not getting a shot and getting the flu is a valid thing.
    my mother chose to do something she knew was bad for her body-smoking-and as a consequence she died of lung cancer (in my arms, at 21). That was a selfish choice on her end.
    To not vaccinate, i feel that an unknown shot with ingredients i feel are unsafe and compromise my children’s immune system, is the best choice i can make. it is not based on me being selifhs.
    neither vaxing nor unvaxing feels 100% like the best choice-such is life. you can do it all right and still get fucked over by life (ie my 2nd daughter being stillborn at 41w gestation after i had a perfect pregnancy and did everything right) and then someone can make shitty choices, like a person i know, smoking and engaging in selfish, risky behavior and their unborn child suffers no ill consequences. not fair, but life.
    so, you just make the best choice you can for yourself with the info you have, and hope for the best, either way IMO.

  6. I respect your decision and it seems you’ve done a good bit of research, and I don’t at all want to discount that. I will point out though that H1N1 does impact fetuses, because it has killed pregnant women. The respiratory system is compromised in pregnancy, and even though excellent emergency care is available at hospitals and emergency rooms, sometimes it’s not enough, or not soon enough. This flu is very violent, and very prevalent (at least here in NY it is).
    And to add to the factors to consider, you will be bringing a brand-new infant home in the middle of flu season. She will not have protection from this flu, and this flu (and all flus) are devastating on tiny bodies. Your antibodies to the flu acquired via vaccine will pass on to baby not only in utero but via breastmilk, and that may prove incredibly important, particularly if the flu becomes even more widespread throughout the winter and spring.
    Again, I really do respect your research and opinions but you haven’t addressed the above issues and I want to make sure you’re considering this from every possible perspective, because I want you and Evangeline healthy and happy.

  7. I don’t get the flu shot either…when I was pg with Alex, I did get the flu and it was horrible, but I and he survived, obviously—just be prepared mentally if you do get it and have to go in, to be guilt tripped and ridiculed for not getting the flu shot.
    Stupid nurses.

    • please don’t call nurses stupid. i’m certain they’re not trying to make anyone feel bad, but it looks a bit like a lost opportunity when someone is afflicted with a problem that could’ve been prevented but wasn’t. whether that’s the flu after declining a flu vax, chlamydia after not using condoms, or lung cancer after smoking, they’re really just unfortunate lost opportunities.

      • Sorry if that one line offended you.
        I still do not and will not get the flu vax….because even *just a little poison* is not ok.
        Comparing flu shots to condom usage or smoking is ridiculous!
        I’m glad I still live in a country where I can choose what to and what not to put in my body and my children’s bodies…..at least for now and I pray that right is never taken away from me!
        That’s my opinion and you have every right to disagree, just as I have every right to disagree with yours…..sometimes people need to just agree to disagree!

  8. I am in the same boat. I don’t normally get a flu shot, either. But my doc highly recommends it because pregnant women are at higher risk of complications from the illness. So I don’t know. I haven’t decided for sure either way whether I will get the vaccine or not. I’m leaning more toward the way you are. I hope we can manage to avoid the sickies and stay healthy!

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