My stash-advice please.

I am working on completing my stash of diapers before bebe arrives. I have to look through some other bins I have cause I would swear I had more prefolds. However for the time being I will list what I have and I would like some feedback from people who have cloth diapered what more I need.

I have:
3 prefolds
12 All in one’s (Variety of makers (Banana Bottoms, Kushies and some other’s I can’t recall off hand)
2 Pockets(Babyland) 
12 fitted (2 Juicytoots, 10 Sears Cuddlers) 
8 Cotton based covers
1 Fleece cover 
2 Kushies Polyster/cotton covers
2 wool longies
5  Inserts
10 Doublers
4 Snappies
4 rolls of liner paper

I still intend to get :
7 more prefolds to round it out to 10
3 more AIO to make it 15
2 more fleece covers 1 short 1 long
2 wool covers, shorties
1 or 2 swimmer diapers
2 wet bags, a small portable one and a big one for the diaper pail.
I am using a plastic kitchen garbage can with snap tight top for the garbage pail with a washable wet bag as a liner. I don’t have a high efficiency washing machine, just the regular kind, but it does have a presoak option.

So now I need your wisdom, (Outside that Kushies suck, I got em as a shower gift for Evan so didn’t cost me anything, same with Sears Cuddlers)
-What do you love, hate and feel is redundunt about cloths diapers?
-What has been your care routine and favorite washing detergent?
-Do preffer/use a wet soaking or dry diaper pail and why?

Thanks folks πŸ™‚

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  1. We didn’t CD until Tanner was about 4 months or so, so I don’t have newborn advice unfortunately.
    I will tell you our detergent and wash routine though to hopefully help.
    We use Country Save and haven’t had probs with it. I ended up having to buy it over the internet because it wasn’t available locally for some reason?
    We also use coin-operated machines which kinda sucks monetarily wise.
    First Wash:
    Cold water, nothing added.
    Second Wash:
    Hot water, 1/2 c baking soda, 1/4 of capful of detergent, & one downy dryer ball with vinegar.
    Third Wash:
    Cold water, nothing added.
    Good luck!!!

  2. i think my friend who I sold many of E’s dipes to is selling them now (nb/s) lmk if you are interested, they are all pretty cheap πŸ™‚ and GN neutral.
    i just used aios and pockets. i liked different things with different babes, but i adored honeyboy aios for both kids. also i love very baby aios or pockets. i didn’t like fuzzis for mairi (gaped at the legs) but did like them for eli (m i liked them a lot when she was about 12m)

    • Cool, I will let you know. I think I may have kinda spent more then my limit on diapers in the past 24hrs haha. (Won both pairs of longies I was bidding on on ebay, but hey two pair for $30.00 shipping in)How does one turn down good deals. Depending on what I buy from from Leah (teacup9)I will see what I need/can afford to spend after that.

  3. I listed a bunch of stuff on diaperswappers i would like to give you any of if you want.
    Tell me if you can’t see anything if you aren’t a member and I’ll link you to photobucket.
    Anyway I have a lot of newborn stuff that I am just getting together to put in the basement. xs fuzzi bunz, prowrap aios, kissaluv 0 fitteds, a few mutts, a few juicytoots. I know they fit small babies because EDS wore them forever and Shira is out wetting them or I just don’t change her enough. One or the other. They are used though so I totally understand if you want your own stash to be pretty, pretty but I thought I would offer. I might want them back for a new baby if any are in good shape but for now I’d rather someone use them.

    • haha thinking of more babies already are we )
      I would love to use some of your diapers and take very good care of them and send them back to you as baby outgrows them in a few months. I would gladly offer you whatever you want for them that I can afford and pay for shipping both ways (to me and back to you) :)I don’t want to take away your potential for income on selling these is all and I can’t afford to pay for all the one’s I love, so let me know what you preffer to do. I do have a diaper swappers account, I am mrsmaynard.
      I like: Hidden Giraffe, Blue with Polka Dots, Pink Sustainablebabyish,Blue with brown and Apples and pears on brown covers, orange groovy side snapping cover, the pink and brown fleece cover, green stacinator wool cover and I like all 4 happy heiny’s. Hopes that dosent sound greedy, it’s oppening a can of worms when you ask what I like, cause really it’s like um anything not blatently boy haha.
      I would love to send you some stuff in exchange but all I have is boy stuff and nothing that would fit EDS at this stage. Boo!

      • First of all don’t try to take good care of them. My friend sent me a newborn cover I love and it keeps getting stained. I know she wanted me to sell it for her when I was done so I’m not worried, but I would be stressed if she wanted it back and I don’t want you to feel that way.
        My newborn diapers are already somewhat stained and the elastics have the same chance of going kapoot in my basement as they do in someone else’s washing machine. They were all bought used, used forever by mr 35 weeks, and used for three weeks by Shira. I’ll try to take a group shot of these. I just know it’s hard to imagine what will fit a smaller baby and I know for a fact which of these work on smaller babies and that my babies never outgrew them physically they just outgrew the absorbency.
        I can weigh the stuff you like soon. Just send me your zip so I can price shipping and you can let me know how much extra you’d like to pay and I can let you know if it is doable. Also you can let me know if you want a few of your most favorites weighed for another shipping price quote. The pink and brown fleece I definitely don’t want money for because it is very badly made (but still effective). The green stacinator my mom gave me so you can have that too. I do want to try to get the stain out first. I was feeling lazy before.
        In the interest of full disclosure the print covers don’t leak through the PUL exactly but EDS always leaked from where they don’t cover the leg gussets on his fitteds. I find them super cute, but nothing beats a thirsties or kiddlewinkles cover. Also girl pee gets in the legs more than boy pee. Happy Heiny’s are great and don’t pinch legs like BGs but they don’t look as neat and tidy either.
        I listed a big for sale not to make serious money, but to clean up and to stop Reuben from using what I don’t like anymore. I need to buy a few small covers and a few large which I’ve almost raised now just from selling stuff not on your list.

      • Shoot. Sorry I just checked my email and remembered that someone asked me about both stacinators. She hasn’t paid or anything yet so I’ll let you know if she falls through.

      • no shoot, if she want’s em great, money for you. I don’t need em, anything at all is a bonus.

      • oh and if the girl want’s to buy the green stacinator then don’t worry about me.
        My zip code (aka Postal Code since I am in Canada) is B3A 2T1 Halifax, Nova Scotia.

      • Gotcha!
        Ok so if I were to pick just my faves that would be blue polka dots, green stacinator, sustainababy pink, apple and pear brown cover, groovy orange cover, pink and brown fleece cover, and all 4 pockets. What I could afford realisticly is $60-65 which I realise in not nearly enough. I could do $70 if I split the payment in two payments over two pay period of $40-30.

  4. IMO, you can’t have too many diapers at that stage. When Rebecca was a newborn I swear she pooped every hour. We were changing her all the time.
    We mainly use BGOS 3.0. I started out with 18 of them when she was about 2 months old. I was washing almost every day. Over time I got some different types- fitteds, snap pockets, prefolds, covers… I don’t mind any of them. Dan only uses the BGs, though. They are the easiest, especially if I already have them stuffed. LOL
    We put the dirties in one of the few hanging wetbags I have. It works well for us. We have an older non HE washing machine, too. It doesn’t have a presoak option, though. First I do a quickwash with cold water, no soap or anything. Then I do the longer wash with hot water and cold rinse. I put the detergent (purex free and clear) in for that. Then an extra rinse. Sometimes if I feel I overdid it on the detergent (cause I use half a capful for a full load of diapers, but sometimes I overshoot in the pouring) I’ll give it yet another rinse after that. Then into the dryer on medium they go for one full timed cycle. Unless it is a really nice day and I have the energy to put them on the line.
    I have loved using cloth diapers. The laundry can get a bit tedious, but overall I think it is so worth it. Are you intending to use cloth wipes, too? I don’t see them on your list. I highly recommend them. They are so easy to use and wash right with the diapers. We prefer cottonbabies’ bamboo wipes. They used to have ones with colors that are awesome, but the natural ones they have now are great, too. We’ll wet a bunch of them just with water and put them in a wipes warmer. When we go somewhere I have a travel wipes case that I put some of the warm wet wipes into. Whatever I don’t use goes back in the warmer.
    Ok, you didn’t ask for a book. I’ll be done now. =)

    • Thanks πŸ™‚
      I do intend to use cloth wipes, for sure, why not if your washing diapers anyways. I would like to have 30-40 diaper options between AIO, fitteds, pockets and prefolds, just so I can do laundry a couple times a week instead of every day.

  5. Favorite newborn diapers: Kissaluv 0 fitted, Muttaqin fitteds, and Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers (xs or small).
    Love, love one size fitteds (SOS, Goodmama) and one size pockets (bumGenius). I’ve tried lots of different diapers and these are my favorite for ease of use.
    Fleece pants (fleece inside and out) are good for daytime, PUL covers like Thirsties are great for waterproofness (car trips, naps, nighttime) and I love wool too although it takes more effort with washing.
    I use a kitchen garbage can with a PUL pail liner – no wet pails!! I use a vinegar pre-rinse, 7th Generation liquid HE soap for washing. I’ve used oxyclean for stains, but sunning works too.
    bumGenius pockets are good for nighttime because they are velcro and easy to use when you’re half asleep. Also good for dads and grandparents who are intimidated by Snappis or snaps. Loved the pockets for traveling too – trim under clothes, waterproof, fleece layer to keep baby feeling dry – thumbs up!

    • Thanks. I will save this for refferance.
      I have like one of every brand diaper now haha, like seriously I have 6 brands of AIO’s. I guess that is a good way to eliminate what I like and don’t like. These one’s my husband got me that are made locally look amazing, I think they will work well and the bamboo velour inside is oh so soft.

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