Another Diaper Question..

Do diapers like good mama’s and juicy toot’s "need" covers or is this like add a cover when your out or overnight for extra protection?
I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around why we have these cute patterns on diapers we would just cover up.
For instance I just bought a cheap used Juicytoots diaper that has a baby chick on it and says Chicks Rule. I would hate to cover that cause then what’s the point.

Explain now ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks.

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  1. My sister would put a goodmama on her daughter without a cover, and then use baby legs and a shirt as the rest of the outfit… but it was annoying and dumb. Anyone my niece sat on got wet, and making her wear a weird outfit just to show off a cute outfit… not cool. Okay at home, but not in public.
    Oh and to be more helpful, yeah the goodmamas soak through. I like my cheap prefolds with cute wool covers! ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Hmmm. I just remembered that girls wear skirts. Maybe once Shira is walking covers won’t be needed in a skirt.
    Oh and if you like any newborn 0-3 month skirts let me tell you that it is the cutest thing to just put one over a one piece (stretchie, sleeper whatever you call them). Shira does fit into one pair of tights I found, but still I consider this my most fantastic newborn fashion discovery.

  3. And I wear plain boring underwear :p
    Mostly you need a cover if you put clothes over the diaper. Maybe a pair of a 100 percent polyester fleece pants and a very absorbant diaper or light wetter will work….but you are still covering the diaper just with pants.
    If I am holding EDS and he pees and he is in just a Goodmama I will most likely get wet, but when he was younger the outside just got damp.
    Cute prints decorate your diaper area. Also there is just a larger variety of cute in knits and wovens than in PUL.

    • What does PUL mean? I can’t figure that one out.
      Ok I think I get the hang of this a bit more, cover for extra caution if your out and don’t want a mess, don’t want your kid peeing on people, don’t want to wake up to soaking yellow bedsheets.

    • We should have super cool underwear too, it’s not fair. Although it would be much less socially acceptable for us to flaunt our cute butts haha, oh even our uncute butts. Except to our husbands of course.

  4. I only used covers or wool at naps, on car trips or at nighttime. All-fleece pants (fleece inside AND out, like at Old Navy) can be worn for daytime over fitted diapers. As long as you are checking for a damp bottom often enough, it shouldn’t be a problem to go without a cover (or clothes over the diaper either). Baby legs were especially helpful for that kind of situation.

  5. I don’t ever use covers with my goodmamas, but I didn’t have any when mine were newborns, so you may need covers for a while? Mostly if you go out though.

  6. Fitteds like goodmamas and juicytoots are not waterproof. I have heard of moms not putting a cover on at home because they can catch right away when they need to be changed. But when you are out and about or baby is asleep you would want to put a cover on so wet doesn’t get all over.

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