Trouble in Paradise

I am 27 weeks, this means I have 11 weeks to go and today I can barely walk.
Since my last post my PSD has lessened a bit in the groin area and migrated out to the SI joint, which means shotting pains up and down my right leg when I move. I am TERRIFIED of this pain because it bring back horrible memories of the excruciating pain I was in with Evan’s last month, I could not walk or leave the house, it was the worse nerve pain I have ever experienced and I was so depressed.

I found myself wide awake bawling and sobbing uncontrollably this morning at 4am cause I was exausted but couldn’t sleep I was in such pain. I know I have alot of pent up trauma from this injury b/c each time it resurfaces I just lose it. I was depressed my last month of Evan’s pregnancy cause I couldn’t leave the house, clean the house, cook, move, breath without dire pain. I am a busy body, I can’t psychologically handle being immobilized for 3 months, I just can’t. Last time no one could help me, tylenol did not work, ten’s machine did not work, physio did not help, they just told I have to live through it until baby came. The only thing I can see that may help with be chiropractic treatment, however, as per my shit experience with the last chiropractor charging me $900 for 2 months of treatment, I have nothing left on my insurance for chiro, so I would have to pay out of pocket. However, if it’s going to take the pain away and lift my mood then I will put it on my credit card and worry about it in 3 months..I hate doing this cause I don’t need more debt stressing me out while I am on mat leave and getting significantly less money in, but despret times call for despret messures and physio alone is not cutting it.

About mommamaynard

β€œLife is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” β€” Albert Einstein. When it feels like your world has been shattered, and you have reached rock bottom, you must make a choice: Stay where you are and fade away, or keep moving forward. Thankfully I chose to move forward and was blessed with the two most wonderful children after the death of my first in early labor. Things are looking up.

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  1. augh thats awful 😦 i can’t imagine being in so much pain while being pregnant and not being able to take drugs to help it, and having it difficult to move at all because with 11 weeks to go, any pregnant woman is generally feeling like the size of a house.
    Try to think on the bright side of things. 11 weeks until you and Dave officially meet your daughter. 11 weeks until you give birth to her and get to hold her in your arms and snuggle her and feed her and love on her. Only 11 more weeks! πŸ™‚

    • That’s a good attitude, only 11 weeks, your right πŸ™‚
      It’s hard sometimes when your so uncomfortable. Arg!

      • i know it feels like forever. i was so uncomfortable at after 24 weeks of pregnancy, and mine had no complications. i cant even fathom having chronic pelvic/leg/back/hip pain for 11 more weeks. Hang in there though, you’re almost done!

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