Prenatal Stuff

Just got back from seeing the specialist at the hospital. Here is the latest…

-Up .2 kg since I last saw her 3.5 weeks ago….Yes that is .4 of a pound. More chocolat milk please.
-Blood pressure, urine and fetal heartbeat all perfect.
-Fundus height messuring a little ahead this week (woot) baby is head down and she said she is sitting low 
  which explain the cramps in my nether regions.  I knew it, I could feel the pressure. Can’t beleive she is gonna
 stay there for like another 10 weeks yet.

-Decision re: induction was presented to me as follows. 
 If I want induction at 37 or 38 weeks they will want to do an amnio to check lung maturity, otherwise, I have to wait to 39.
 Dave says, ok so if your uncomfortable with an amnio, just wait to 39. Easier said then done when your this anxious each day.
 Anyways, I have loads of time to think about it and you know I will be.

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β€œLife is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” β€” Albert Einstein. When it feels like your world has been shattered, and you have reached rock bottom, you must make a choice: Stay where you are and fade away, or keep moving forward. Thankfully I chose to move forward and was blessed with the two most wonderful children after the death of my first in early labor. Things are looking up.

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  1. I had an amnio 4 weeks ago. I can honestly say it was no big deal. No worse than bloodwork, and definitely not as bad as an iv. A bad lovenox shot is definitely worse. I watched the whole thing on the ultrasound and it was kind of cool. No anesthetic here.
    I’d go for it (well, obviously, as I did myself). The chances that it would put you into labour are very very slim, and even if that did happen, at 37 weeks you are considered term. My MFM said there was about a 1% chance that baby wouldn’t tolerate it well and we’d have to deliver because of the amnio.
    Everyone is different, but for me the last few weeks were emotional agony and that baby HAD to come out. Whatever is right for you is right for you.

  2. i was sooo terrified of amnios, like almost puking sick to my stomach scared…and the first one sucked b/c he had to dig around in there trying to find fluid b/c lijee was all squarshed around, but according to him and the nurses “that never ever ever ever ever happens”…except me of course πŸ™‚
    but i’d still term it more uncomfortable than painful…and then when they redid it, it was totally fine, i didn’t even know he did it at all anyway!! i was like wtf he’s done? LOL getting blood drawn hurts more!
    so i’d do it. i did do it, haha.

    • “getting blood drawn hurts more!”
      hahahah OMG I get blood drawn like 2x a month minimum, 3x last month and when I first started fragmin it was 1x week..that is a breeze and dosen’t faze me at all anymore. In fact giving myself the Fragmin shots hurts more cause it burns going in.
      So the consensus seems to be that amnio’s dont’ hurt, I guess it’s just the whole giant needle into my stomach concept.
      Did you get a anesthetic to numb your belly first? Seems 50/50 on if people did or didn’t, most say the anesthetic hurts more then just getting the amnio.
      Anyways I think by the time I am like 33-35 weeks I will know if I am DONE and just want the amnio or if I can hold my breath and make it to 39 weeks sane.
      Right now my goal is just make it to 32 weeks, one goal at a time πŸ™‚

  3. i think if you do decide that you’re uncomfortable with an amnio, they would probably do weekly NSTs and ultrasounds and such to ensure that everything was fine. you are getting a lot more monitoring at the end this time around, so i would think if there was an issue with post-maturity or any of those related complications you would see it. but i definitely think a question to ask is what sort of monitoring you would have from 37-39 weeks if you opt not to do the amnio and induce at 39.
    really, i don’t think there is a “right” answer here. i think waiting to 39 has a bunch of benefits – you aren’t going post-date, she gets a little extra time to cook and develop things in utero, no giant scary needle, and you will probably be monitored to ensure that things are going smoothly right up to induction. but i think choosing the amnio and the earlier induction at that point is also fine. you’ll be making sure that she will be ready for the outside world and not just blindly inducing early, and it will reduce at least some of the anxiety in the last few weeks of whether or not she’ll be okay.
    so yeah, i think you should just keep thinking about it, weigh both options and see what the pros and cons are of both, and as you get closer you will probably have a stronger feeling about the one that feels right to you. not to mention that as you get closer and have more monitoring, your specialist will probably also have an opinion of which one carries more benefit and less risk.
    if it were me, i might lean more towards waiting till 39 weeks to give her that extra time (as long as we were doing NSTs and/or ultrasounds), but of course that is just me. from the outside it seems that the extra time in utero may be good for her assuming that NSTs and ultrasounds turn up normal, and that the main benefit of doing it earlier is a lowered sense of anxiety rather than any physical benefit to you or evangeline. but in any case, i think that either way makes a lot of sense and is probably just fine. πŸ™‚ you’re well informed and you know a lot, even more than you did last time around, so whichever you choose will be based on what feels right to you and your knowledge and your specialist’s opinion.

    • Your right, both ways are responsible decisions and I am way more educated then I was last time. I think your right in that the right decision will seem clear closer to the time in question.

      • totally. you are so taking care of yourself and this baby so well. i had a dream last night that she was born and pink and happy and healthy, and we had visited you at the hospital and you were full of joy! i think it’s a premonition =)

      • Awwww what a great dream πŸ™‚ What is up with us dreaming prophetically about each other girl hahaha, we are so weird, it’s like we are connected on some celestial level and we never ever met face to face haha. Well maybe we were like sisters in a past life or something. Not that you likely believe in reincarnation haha but I really do.
        Anyways I thought of you this morning cause I read in the paper that we(Nova Scotia)just shipped a giant Christmas Tree to Boston(not that you live IN Boston, but your near enough haha) and that we have every year for 38 years to thank Boston for their help after the Giant Halifax Explosion.

  4. other thing to ask them is, if the amnio at 37 shows that her lungs are not mature, will they make you re-amnio at 38 in order to proceed with induction, or will they make you wait til 39 and then just induce then? it depends on the provider, i think.

  5. if you want to talk about the amnio with someone who has experience with it, let me know. its not any worse than an iv though. im really glad i got one done

  6. yay healthy baby! πŸ™‚

  7. I’m not entirely educated on this, I just learned a bit about it when I was pregnant. Isn’t the issue with amnio that it can cause labor? Or an emergency that requires the baby to be born? So if you were term, then amnio wouldn’t be a big deal at all, right? I guess the problem would be if they did amnio, Evangeline’s lungs weren’t mature, and then the amnio caused her to be delivered early. But lungs mature at 35-36 weeks usually, and you’ve charted everything so you know she’d be term.
    I’m scared right along with you. If I had another baby, I don’t know if I could let them go overdue again like I did with Zinnia. Scary stuff, hard decisions. It’ll be such a relief to see Evangeline, happy, healthy, and in your arms.

    • Your telling me πŸ™‚
      I am starting to think already that I want an amnio. It sounds like it would be worth and then maybe I can convince them to take her out at 37 πŸ™‚
      I have to do more research, but ya.

  8. What’s the worst thing that can happen if you get an amnio at 37-38 weeks? I seriously dunno.
    I can’t blame you, u know I was on pin and needles when going to 39 weeks, I said over and over I just couldn’t do it. God knew I couldn’t I made it 38w6(lol)close enough though! But I hope that baby comes on her own or something so u dont have to make the choice!

    • It’s not so much what’s the worse that can happen b/c really the big risk is premature labor and it’s premature at that stage really. It’s more of an uncomfortable thing for me, the idea and I hear it’s quite painful. Giant needled through my belly and into the amniotic fluids. As I get closer I think I will if I am in I don’t care just get the baby out mode..or if I am ok to wait a bit longer.
      My husband is totally laid about it, Evan died at 42 weeks and it’s not like 39 is anywere near 42 he says…Grr I am still anxious as hell. Oh well we will see.

      • i dunno man, me having carried a baby in my belly and all, i’d be freaking out as time got closer. sure, 39=/=42, but to me that’s close. i’d be like “hey in there! you’re term! LETS DO THIS!”

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