Sigh. Cat Drama.

I don’t know what to do. I think I have to try and find a new home for my cat Jaspurr, a home were he can be dotted on extensively by a stay at home cat mom. He is 9 and has always had litter issues, if there is so much as anything in his box he won’t use it. I can’t keep on top of it like he want’s me to, and I will be even worse with a baby. I used to scoop it every other day and he was fine with that, but as of late started 50/50 using the floor and the box, so i started scooping it every day and that was fine for a while, now it’s hit or miss if he will use the box or take a dump right beside it, or worse yet, pee elsewere. He just pee’d all over Dave’s drywall, and Dave is trying so hard to get the basement renovated, now our walls are going to smell like pee.

He is not sick, he eats top quality bladder health food to keep him healthy. He has had crystals in the past and I spent TONS of money I am still repaying on my visa to get him flushed, I am familliar with the signs now of bladder issues and he has none, his pee is clear and healthy and in large quantities.

He has no reason to be unahappy, his littler, the location of it, the status of the household has not changed at all since this behaviour began. Only change was me being pregnant.

He has been neutered a long time. It’s not spraying behaviour.

I am at wit’s end. I am now dealing with this on a daily basis and Dave hates him with a passion which is making the household dynamic worse all the time and I am sure just upsets the cat furthur.

I think he would be happier in a home were he was an only pet, or one of two, were he got lots and lots and lots of love, he likes that and with someone who is willing/able to clean his box a couple times a day at least.

I know he would be happier this way and yet, I feel so guilty sending him away when I have had him for 9 years. This is a problem I have dealt with for 9 years, he had always, always, had finiky bathroom issues, it’s just gotten worse lately.


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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein. When it feels like your world has been shattered, and you have reached rock bottom, you must make a choice: Stay where you are and fade away, or keep moving forward. Thankfully I chose to move forward and was blessed with the two most wonderful children after the death of my first in early labor. Things are looking up.

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