feeding the frenzy!!

Sales, oh the sales..and me broke.
How can I resist though. I just got a brand new, size S, Aqua Thisties AIO for 8$….50% off, from Babyhalfoff.com
dude, I bought a used one last week for 10$…crazy. It was to good to turn down. It was also the last one available woot. Good timming.
I can’t have too many diapes right? haha. I will figure out what works for us and pass on the rest to someone else in need.

I really have to find a good deal on a pail liner now..that is the last Must Have..the rest are Good to Have’s.

What do you guys use for diaper cream type product with your cloth?
I have a natural Calendular salve I am hoping will work for rashes, it has Bee’s Wax and Olive oil as a base, I wonder if that would ruin my cloth? I also have 100% pure shey butter, like solid form that melts with body heat that would make a good moisture barrier, but I don’t know if it would cause my diapers to repel.
Hmm. this is like a science experiment.

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  1. We actually used lanolin on rashes, and the diapers were still fine! Haha, I don’t know how that could be, but it was, so we did it. πŸ˜›
    THIS STUFF: http://www.trukid.com/catalog/hero-stick-for-bumps-and-boo-boos.htm
    Totally completely, OMG awesome. I have great enthusiasm about this, lol. My kids got some horrendous rashes, the kind that wouldn’t heal up for days, and then in desperation I tried hero stick on it, and bam, it healed up like a miracle. We would put the hero stick on for healing, and lanolin on for protection. Or just one or the other if the rash was minor. Like, if it was redness from too much wet, we’d do lanolin, and if it was chafing, we’d do hero stick, and if it was really horrible we’d do both.
    We had a salve that sounds like the one you have, olive oil and calendula and stuff, but it was only mildly effective. Every butt is different though. πŸ˜‰

  2. Bees wax = big no. I don’t know about Shea. We find cornstarch (which even mainstream baby powders use instead of talc) is better than creams. You really shouldn’t need a diaper cream of any kind, actually (rashes at newborn age are either caused by allergy to mom’s diet or diapers needing to be stripped — oh some babies are allergic to synthetics, too)). A little bit of massage oil when you do nakey time is nice, tho πŸ™‚
    I love sales ❀

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