A decade in passing.

Got this idea from several other’s reviewing that past decade. My life has changed sooo much as most people’s has.


  • I rang in the millenium in Fredericton, NB with friends and my long time boyfriend Jansen.
  • In May 2000 I graduated from University with a Bachelor of Psychology and English
  • 1 week after graduation I packed up my life with Jansen, boyfriend of 3 years and we moved to Toronto.
  • I went from living in a small University town to living on the 24th floor of a high rise at Young and Carlton, a major downtown Toronto intersection.
  • I worked in retail and had a generally unproductive rest of the year, getting aquainted with Toronto. 
  • I became aquainted with a formal praticing group of pagans and was ecstatic to meet others who shared my views. 
  • Met my now bestest friend in the world Sarah A. 


  • Started a diploma in Career and Work Counselling at George Brown College in Toronto
  • Continued living with Jansen at Young and Carlton
  • Worked part time in various retail roles while in school
  • In August 2001 Jansen broke up with me, I was a mess, unemployed with one semester of school before me, I had to move into a rental room that ended up being infested with flees. It took everything in my power to finish my classes, I was a mess.
  • Kept screwing around with Jansen for the rest of the year cause I was a sucker and couldn’t let go or was in denial
  • Finished my diploma classes in December 2001, moved home to NB for a month to clear my head.


  • Came back to Toronto, moved in with Jansen until I could figure out what I wanted to do
  • Decided I could not afford to do my last unpaid practicum and had to find a job instead, found a job as an Employment Counsellor with Youth at Risk
  • Found a place, a open concept studio loft at Queen and Bathurst and moved out of Jansen’s place
  • Found out Jansen was playing me and several other women all at once when another women called his place on valentines day and I answered the phone, this was the official last day of our nearly 6 year relationship. Then the details came flooding in, there were lots, it was hard but in retrospect, freeing.
  • Met Bryan in April, fell hard in love with this rebound, we spent everyday together basically for the rest of the year
  • Got a job at JVS Toronto a Rehabilitation Counsellor for persons with disabilities, which would come to be a long time employer and a new career direction.
  • Became a Neophyte of the Odyssian tradition of craft, which means I was officially of Priestess in Training.
  • Became the handmaiden for the Wiccan Church of Canada for a one year term, a long desired and lusted after honour.
  • Became very close and wonderful friends with Doug, the churches Summoner and my new partner in crime.


  • Continued working at JVS
  • Moved in with Bryan in January-Broke up with Bryan in September
  • Moved into my own place a basement apartment I hated in October
  • Spent alot of time with Dave, my best friend, he was so supportive and entertaining
  • Finished my term as handmaiden
  • Kissed Dave for the first time in early December 2003, the rest is history 🙂


  • Continued working at JVS
  • Moved to Cresent Town, a crappy neighborhood but a nice big bright apartment in my budget, also helping a friend stuck in a lease after his relationship fell apart.
  • Continued dating Dave and things were going wonderfully
  • Dave moved in with me when we decided we wanted to travel together in South America and this way we could save money


  • Continued working at JVS
  • Continued living with Dave
  • Went to Peru for one month in July
  • Got perfectly engaged on top of Machu Pichu at sunrise on the summer solstice to my best friend
  • Came home from South America and underwent a formal bethrothal ceremony, which links a couple who intends to marry together for a year a day to help them make sure marriage is truly what they desire.


  • Continued working at JVS
  • Spent most of the year planning our wedding
  • Got married in August 2006, ended up being the exact same day day Jansen from above got married, weird.
  • Went to Panama for our honeymoon, it was wonderful
  • Stopped taking the birth control pill
  • Was told during a divinatory ritual that Dave and I’s first child would be son


  • Together, Dave and I made a wish during an Ostara/Spring Equinox egg painting ritual that we would have a child,  got pregnant with Evan that night.
  • Quit the job I loved in Toronto on a whim to move to Nova Scotia to provide a better place for a child to grow up
  • Struggled financially like crazy trying to get established in Halifax
  • Worked in a job I absolutely hated to make ends meet
  • Dave’s step father Doug died of cancer, went to Toronto to be with his mom and support her through her hardship
  • While in Toronto, found out my cousin Satara, a very close relative was hit and killed by a drunk driver at 14 years old, our family fell apart, we cut our Toronto visit short to get home for her funeral
  • Continued growing with Evan, loved every second on the perfect pregnancy
  • Got robbed on December 10th, the day before my due date with Evan
  • Went into labour with Evan, then found out his heart has stopped beating and delivered his lifeless body after 11 hours of labor on Christmas Eve.


  • Rang in the new year with a couple of friends and Dave’s mom, I was a bitter depressed mess
  • Had Evan’s funeral and felt like my soul was being burried with him
  • Went to Cuba for a week to lay in the sun and heal with Dave
  • Found a job I liked as an Emploment Counsellor with JSS and burried myself in work to forget how miserable I was
  • Started counselling, a support group and anti depressants
  • Lost my Grandmother in April, making it 4 family death in 9 months
  • Bought our first house in July
  • Got a new, higher paying job with the YMCA in September
  • Got our sweet awesome pup Oliver
  • Finished 2008 with Dave cutting off three of his fingers off in an accident at work, full circle misery
  • Went to Manhattan to spend the first Anniversary of Evan’s death alone in a strange place together.
  • Hoped and prayed that 2009 would bring us healing,and that a new house would bring a fresh start.
  • Started trying to conceive for real in December.


  • Continued working at the YMCA
  • Went to a Beltane ritual, jumped over the fertility fire with Dave
  • Got a divinatoy painting done which ended up being a painting of a pregnant women, thought it meant  pregnancy would bless me soon, found out a week later I was already pregnant with Evangeline
  • Overall it was a laid back, non-eventful and calm year, we needed it.
  • Rounded out the year and the 2 year anniversary of Evan’s birth and death by going on maternity leave again, participating in family Christmas celebrations for the first time in 2 years and loving the baby growing in my belly.

Hoping for a wonderful and rewarding 2010, enough stuggling and suffering, we deserve happinness and joy this year.


About mommamaynard

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein. When it feels like your world has been shattered, and you have reached rock bottom, you must make a choice: Stay where you are and fade away, or keep moving forward. Thankfully I chose to move forward and was blessed with the two most wonderful children after the death of my first in early labor. Things are looking up.

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  1. YES u do deserve happiness this year!!!<3

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