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I LOVE this article, because I SO agree. Everyone here trying to do what they can to help Haiti, which is good, don’t get me wrong. I went to Costco to pick up some groceries for my post partum cooking and they want you to donate. Same as the text thing. The bottom line is, I currently have no income and Dave is getting laid off next week, we had to buy our groceries on our visa until things turn around for us BUT we ‘still’ want to help anyway we can and we are…So to the rich blasted companies out there who are telling us to dig deep into our pockets, I want to see you pony up…Now. 

For instance: Alberta, the absolute richest province in all of Canada has the following to say: Alberta won’t donate directly to agencies helping in Haiti recover from a devastating earthquake, although Premier Ed Stelmach is encouraging individuals to contribute to the cause.
The Alberta government donated $5 million to the Red Cross in 2004 to help victims of the Boxing Day tsunami that killed about 230,000 people in 14 Asian and African countries. But Alberta won’t be making a direct donation in the aftermath of Tuesday’s earthquake in Haiti.
The province contributes to humanitarian aid in other ways, through a matching fund plan and individual tax deductions, said Stelmach on Friday. The next day they came back saying they would donate 500K, HALF of what Newfoundland is donating..come on Alberta really?

Ottawa has already pledged to send an impressive $4.8 million in immediate aid to Haiti. Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said the money represents an initial contribution by Canada for urgent humanitarian assistance.

Newfoundland, currently ‘one of’ the least profitable provinces in Canada with one of the highest unemployment rates is even stepping to help with a very generous donation. Premier Danny Williams evoked Newfoundland and Labrador’s renowned reputation for generosity Thursday when he announced the entire province will be donating $1 million to the relief effort underway for earthquake victims in Haiti.

Anyways..I can go province by province and point out the strenghts and weaknesses,the bottom line is, I hate when big business, who have all our money already like power companies, banks, government (taxes) ect..are telling us, the consumer who are climbing their way out of a recession hole, and barely making ends meet to pay up and help when they are making such a measly attempt themselves. Step up to the plate, if someone who makes 7.50 an hour because Nova Scotia’s pay rate is so pathetically low should send their last 5$ over to help, then shouldn’t it stand to reason that all those people making the real money send 5-10x as much…

This article just triggered that for me:

Rosie O’Donnell On Haiti: Celebs Need To Dig Deep, Do More Than Ask America For ‘Their Pennies’


Fri Jan 15, 8:43 PM


LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Since Haiti was tragically struck by a 7.0 earthquake earlier this week, dozens of celebrities have gone to Twitter, YouTube and given interviews, asking the public to help out and donate funds to help the island nation, but Rosie O’Donnell thinks they need to do much more.

The outspoken former "View" moderator said she hopes if a telethon is put together, celebrities will do more than show up and ask the public to dig deep. She believes the stars asking for money need to dig deep themselves.


"I hope [there’s] not another telethon on the air, and if there is one, there should be a demand that every person who participates donates a minimum, because it was very infuriating to me after 9/11, to see millionaires asking the people in the country for their, you know, pennies," Rosie told a group of journalists on Thursday evening after presenting a Television Critics Association panel on her new HBO documentary, "A Family Is A Family Is A Family: A Rosie O’Donnell Celebration."


While a Haiti relief celebrity-led telethon appears to be taking shape, Rosie said based on the past, the stars really need to be reaching into their own pockets.


"It’s like, if you’re gonna go on and you’re a millionaire, please give a million dollars. Like, there should be a cover charge to do those, in my opinion," she said of star’s on telethons. "I think everyone should do what they can and if a celebrity can bring attention to a cause or inspire someone to give…


"I think celebrities should step up and America should stop asking for just their presence at a publicized event," Rosie added. "They should also demand their money."


But the SIRIUS XM radio host had praise for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who almost immediately chipped in $1 million toward Haiti relief. And she defended them against critics who suggested the couple have done charitable works in the past for publicity’s sake.


"When you look at Brad and Katrina — somebody asked a question before about what they had done and if they had done it for press reasons, which I think is absurd," she said. "There are so many other ways for them to get press than to go build houses for those who have lost theirs and in a time when the government was not doing nearly enough."


"I know that Brad and Angelina gave a million dollars to [help out in Haiti] as well as all they’ve done in New Orleans," she added

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  1. I am not of fan of Rosie, but I do think she makes a good point here.

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