Cloth bootie

So Evangeline does not fit in 3/4 of her diapers, even the size smalls, she is an xs and even then it has to have tight legs, she has the skiniest little legs evah. She fit’s into 4 fitteds, 3 doublers that I can use as a prefold cause they are that big on her haha and one premie prefold I have..I think the most economical thing for me to do is pick up another 5 premie or newborn prefolds cause hopefully she will fit into her small and one size in the next couple of months as she porks up.

Anyways here is her first experience in a cloth diaper, sent to her courtesy of  , it only last half an hour cause she took a big ol breastmilk poop in it haha. She poops like 8 times a day. Oh and her belly button stump fell off yesterday, 6 days old woot πŸ™‚ She has a major outie.

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  1. don’t worry – she’ll grow intot hem before you know it! I have a few xs and xxs cloth diapers, but those first few weeks (with the frequent mes diapers) I will use disposable and try some EC.
    So cute in that diaper!

    • Ya we waited for the meconium to be all gone before starting any cloth and we still use sposies at night and during diaper washes for now cause I don’t have enough diapers that fit. Just gonna pick up prefolds and now and go with that, it’s cheaper, I don’t wanna keep buying disposables.

  2. HOW CUTE!
    btw maya didn’t fit into any of her stuff for the first couple weeks, but as soon as her arms and legs kinda straightened a bit the fit of everything changed completely. m had chicken legs too and the diaper gap around the thighs was hysterical. oh god she is such a love!

    • haha the diaper leg thing is hysterical when her premie diaper is so loose in the thigh that pee just rolls straight out and all over the place. The smallest diaper on the market, swadlers, at to big for her tiny butt. She is going to be a super model with these preportions, long and lean πŸ™‚
      P.S She is so fuzzy, you would think she was part indian hahaha her forehead, ears and shoulders are covered in a thin black fuzz, I love it so much.

    • Right now I am loving on prefolds, they work best of all, I just need more premie sized one’s cause regular are to big for her she swims in em. The newborn prefold inside a xs fleece cover rocked my world yesterday, I went through 3 changes with loads of poo and pee and the cover was still clean, rock on.

  3. lucky ur babies cord fell off so quick, it took almost 2 weeks for his to fall off.. They both have total innies

  4. Aww…she is so adorable!!!

  5. When EDS was born (5lbs 6oz or 4oz i don’t remember) he only fit into kissaluv 0s and newborn mutts. We didn’t try prefolds. Don’t even worry about using disposables now, because you’ll still use cloth forever when she gets bigger. Shira was 7lbs and filled out those leggies so quickly I gave up on newborn diapers mostly because I didn’t have time to change her enough.

    • Ya we are using the sposies we have now at night, cause we have 8 total cloth options that fit, so that get’s us through the day basically and I am washing every night. I LOVE the prefolds with cover right now, they work great on her, so I think I am going to get 5 more premie of em and use those for now.

  6. Picking up more premie prefolds, that’s a good idea! (You can use them as doublers later.) I wonder if the cheap Gerber prefolds you can get at BRU would work? They’re too small for bigger babies (but work as doublers). I was thinking of buying a dozen or two for our newborn days… I can send you some if you can’t get them. (All the stuff I’m sending E is nearly ready to go, except I decided to knit some longies and I need to finish the legs! It is a small/ med tho, so hopefully will fit in the spring!)
    It sucks not to have enough dipes, but she’ll chunk up! ❀
    such a cutie patootie cloth bum ❀

    • Exactly, and I a premie prefold today with a fleece cover and OMG loved it, it’s an indian prefold I got from Goodmama for 2$ I so should have ordered more, but I did’t know how small she would be. I thought the Gerber prefolds were like really crap absorbancy ect.. What’s BRU? I don’t know if I can get em here or not.
      Awww longies, you are just to sweet haha. I so love wool.
      She is so small, but nursing lots so hopefully her thighs start to chunk out soon. πŸ™‚

      • BRU = Babies R Us (don’t they have them there?)
        Gerber prefolds are fine, absorbency wise. They suck in terms of the fact that they’re tiny (so for a bigger, heavy wetter, there’s just not enough material, hence absorbency issues! LOL) But I think for a newborn, they’d be fine. I bought a pack and mostly used them for the kitchen, tho I also use one as a doubler!
        I felt so bad about my stupid package STILL not being sent and then I had this fabulous wool and wanted a knitting project… I think it’ll be finished in the next week! (Hope, hope!)
        Some babies just have lean thighs. It’s OK! (But I know what you mean.)
        Also: I want to reassure you. She looks FABULOUS. I’ve had two cousins have babies in the last year, and both those babies didn’t look healthy from the beginning. They looked way underweight and sickly. Evangeline looks GREAT! She looks normal (just small, but that you can’t even really tell too much from the pics!). My cousins’ babies make me sad (they’re also not getting boob juice and I think both mama’s were not eating well.)

      • Oh yes we have a babies r us, of course.
        I will deff. look into it.
        No worries lady, your gift will be wonderful when it arrives, don’t stress, it’s super generous of you already.

  7. She is adorable!!! Love the cloth bum!
    Sofia’s stump fell off super early too! I don’t remember what the rule about submerged baths is, since Sof didn’t get one until 6w :X. BUT I was thinking it’s when it falls off – SO, you might want toget in the tub with her when she’s super fussy! Get in first, have Dave hand her to you, and then just enjoy πŸ™‚ you can even nurse in there! The warmth, movement, water, skin-to-skin – all help soothe and calm πŸ™‚

    • We have only had one bath, she didn’t like it at all, dosen’t like to be naked at all, but I will try again with a bath and bed together routine and see if it helps her relax.

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