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For you breastfeeding mom’s out there. How soon after a poo do you change your baby? Especially during the early newborn days cause that is were we are now.
I mean I don’t want get to get diaper rash, but she poops all the time, and it’s loud and stinky so you know she is doing it. haha she vibrates the damn couch with these power poos and then laughs about them in her sleep, it’s crazy adorable. ..When I change her, 10 minutes later she pooped again, finished that same poop or pee’s. So I have been waiting like 30 minutes after a poop just to make sure she is really done that poop before changing her…She just dosen’t stop, she is CONSTANTLY in a dirty diaper cause it seems she can’t keep one clean more then 15 minutes no matter what AND since she hates so bloody much having her bum changed, I would have one cranky baby on my hands if I changed her every single she peed or poo’d.

So what did you do?

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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein. When it feels like your world has been shattered, and you have reached rock bottom, you must make a choice: Stay where you are and fade away, or keep moving forward. Thankfully I chose to move forward and was blessed with the two most wonderful children after the death of my first in early labor. Things are looking up.

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  1. hehe – Jaime, I have no advice, since as you know I am still a few stages behind you (I sometimes tell people that I have the BEST baby ever – She lets us sleep at night, doesn’t dirty her diapers…I mean – despite the bad moments, but we should see some ‘positives’ too, right?!)
    But anyway, after finishing reading this entry I all of a sudden thought of baby Evangeline herself and I started laughing: she better doesn’t find out you’re giving away all her little dirty and embarrasing secrets, on the internet.
    Evangeline girl, your mommy loves you so much!!

  2. heheh we’re talking about poop, you are now officially a parent no doubt about it!!!!

  3. Remy is really prone to rashes, so we changed immediately. (We — meaning I — also did laundry every day in that stage and it was COMPLETELY overwhelming.)
    If she’s consistent about it, why not to try to catch some of the poops? I know, she hates to be naked… hmmmmm…. what about if just her bum was naked — do you have any baby legs? (or knee socks of yours that you can cut the foot off to make into baby legs?) That and a shirt. Maybe just try it? I dunno. EC didn’t work for us cause I was too overwhelmed (plus we were crazy busy fixing up this house to get ready to move into), but now I think maybe it would (ironically) have made things LESS overwhelming.

    • I do have babylegs, I don’t know if she’s consistant or not…I will start paying closer attention.
      She will likely slow down as she adjusts to her new diet.Right now she is averaging 8-10 2-3 part poops a day.

  4. Caspian pooped at LEAST every hour. It was nuts! Same thing, it was annoying to change him only for him to poop right away again. We would lie him down on his floor changing station, clean him up, and then put a prefold under him and just hang out talking with him. He’d often poop again a few minutes later, spraying liquid poop like a foot away. But he LOVED it. He never liked pooping in a diaper. As a newborn, he wanted to poop when his diaper was off, and as a crawling age pre-toddler, he loved to poop in the bath. He only became fond of diaper pooping when we tried to get him to go on the potty 😡
    Poop is pretty bad on their butts, so waiting a few minutes for her to really finish up the pooping is a good idea, but too long and she would get a rash.

    • She is such a marathon pooper. I JUST changed her, 15 minutes ago and she just pooped on me again. It’s nuts. I am using lots of veseline as barrier, she usually dosen’t sit in it more then 30 minutes max, unles it happens when we are both asleep.
      She just poops all day long..this may adjust as she get’s used to my milk ect..we will see.

      • Lanolin works great as a barrier too. I don’t trust vaseline so much, I hear it can harm mucus membranes.
        I really hope the poops slows down for you! I don’t know how long it took with Caspian, but it sure seemed like forever. The kid had seven DOZEN infant prefolds, and he went through them in less than three days.

      • lol Lucas did that at the begining too..after about a month it was every morning..and now its every few days.

  5. I was able to change almost after every poo, but if I wasn’t I would just be good about putting a zinc or even just vaseline like barrier cream. From my experience girls get worse rashies than boys. You’ll feel better letting her “sit in it” if she has some protection.

    • Sure, we have been alternating between Vaseline (used at the hospital) to Calendula salve I have that heals irritated skin and protects with bee’s wax and olive oil. Anyhow, I don’t know what to use as a barrier that is cloth diaper friendly, that I can buy locally and not have to constantly order online.

      • We use vaseline in the sposies.

      • I find that nothing is cloth friendly enough to get on your diapers. However pockets and AIOs and anything lined with fleece or man made materials are more prone to issues from a cream. I just lined diapers with whatever I could find like cut up receiving blankets, thin baby wash clothes, etc. Then I washed them with regular clothes (jeans, sheets, towels not something sensitive, you know?) instead of with my diapers. Or i threw them out. If you have enough ‘sposies and coupons and you don’t mind them it wouldn’t be a big deal to just wait longer to use cloth full time. Your every day laundry sounds overwhelming.

  6. for me it depended on how much he pooped, if he pooped a huge diaper load i’d just change it again.

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