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E. is due for her 12 months MMR and Varicella vaccines. She is overdue.
I don’t know if I want to do them, ever, eventually, soon, at 4 years old??? Doing loads of research.
Some decisions have no right answer one way or another. Vaccines feel like one of them.
Spam me with your research about why you would/would not wait on the MMR vaccine, or skip it altogether.
I think we will for sure opt out of the Varicella one, cause seriously dude, it’s Chicken Pox!! If she haden’t got Chicken Pox by age 12-13 then maybe I would reconsider.

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  1. We are definitely delaying the Chicken Pox vaccine. I have been following the Dr. Sears alternative vaccine schedule with Charlotte. I do want to delay the MMR until at least 18 months. I don’t feel comfortable giving it to her at 1 year. This is where Dave and I butt heads though. He was fine with the alternative schedule, but is for most of the vaccines. We did delay the Hep B and he is OK with delaying the chicken pox. So, we’ll see when we get there. I didn’t want to give her a flu shot and he did. We compromised and I was able to get a single dose flu shot through her doctor’s office. Those have only a trace of mercury, where the multi dose shots doctor’s offices usually get have way more mercury in them.

  2. We have followed the vaccine schedule with Bea. Sometimes she’s tired or cranky that day, but no fever or other reactions.

    Triple S, whi is in the medical biochemistry field, found that vaccines today have a much lower titer have antigens and are cleared differently from the antigen-producing organism than even when we were kids. So, even though the kids get a larger number of vaccines, they actually receive a smaller number of antigens.

    I don’t know all about all the chemicals in the injected solution, but I think the most offensive (thermersol, others?) have been removed.

    I think that we as a society have forgotten that the risks associated with taking a vaccine are lower (and perhaps have lesser consequences) than getting the disease.

    Triple S and I have been vaccinated recently, before trips to Taiwan and Mexico, and each year for the flu. If it works for us, why not Bea too?

    And while I did consider spacing the vaccines (ie going in extra times to get fewer vaccines at once) I just thought that it wasn’t worth the hassle, especially with the low antigen titers. I wish I had the article(s) that Triple S had found…

  3. Maybe you should read this entry from an LJ-friend of mine, who’s actually working for the WHO

  4. I’m not immune to measles even though 1. I had it as a child. 2. I had a vaccine given to me with each pregnancy (bunch now). still, it does’t catch. I think it’s important to vaccinate, especially since now the research that says that vaccines cause Autism has been debunked in every single way.

  5. I had/have all my kids shot in the arm. They did ask me if I wanted the chicken pox and I said yes. That stuff turns into shingles and that’s a horrible, painful disease. It hits late in life when you aren’t at your best, too.

  6. Measles outbreaks happen here to both the vaccinated and unvaccinated so under the assumption that my kids will not get it or get a lighter case I do vaccinate against measles. Rubella is really dangerous for pregnant women I believe so I want my kids to eventually have that. With EDS I did mumps (but I split up MMR for best chance of immunity and lowest chance of reactions).

    As for chicken pox I am sorry to say I will probably do it. I believe that constant exposure to chicken pox has helped keep shingles at bay and that unfortunately the vaccine has ruined that. Ideally I wish the vaccine had been reserved to those with suppressed immune systems and those of an age where chicken pox is more risky. My kids don’t have the vaccine yet, but since they probably won’t catch it they will probably be vaccinated before puberty (which is when I think chicken pox becomes more problematic).

  7. I did a bunch of research on the MMR and opted to do it with Lily. I feel like I made the right choice. She didn’t have any adverse effects, not even a fever. I was 50/50 on getting it, and in the end, I chose to get it. My mom waited until my brother was 4. I got it when I was supposed to. People say “there theres no measles mumps or rubella anymore!” IMO, that’s because there’s a vaccine for them. Everyone stops taking them, I have no doubt there’d be an issue. But that’s just my opinion, do whatever you want. If you want to hold off, then hold off. She can always get them later if you change your mind πŸ™‚

  8. I originally felt the same way about Varicella, and I really struggled over the decision, but we eventually caved. I figured, if I could spare her the misery of chickenpox (and the slim chance that it could be very dangerous), I would.

    As for MMR, we waited until Maya was 21 months old. I really feel like there’s no rush on this one, and it worked best with how we tried to stagger vaccines (I think there were some that she got around 1 year old and thereafter, so we didn’t want to bombard her with vaxes, and we waited on the MMR one).

    Some vaccines I feel are very important to get as early as possible (like Pertussis, although with Maya we waited until 4 months instead of doing it at 2 months) (but with the new baby we will definitely do it at 2 months). Other vaccines I think can wait. It’s a personal decision, but there’s what we did. πŸ™‚

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