14 months of fun…

Evangeline just turned 14 months, she is EVERYWERE and into EVERYTHING. The child is so busy and hillarious. As always she has sooooo much personality. Such an independent spirit, she has become the polar opposite of needy, she get’s angry at me for cramping her style and not letting her run free. When were out in public, at a new place, I have to run to keep up with her. If I pick her up to carry her, or try and hold her hand then she get’s so angry at me.  Were talking full out, loud, angry screaming and flailing.. The tantrums are getting more physical, but luckily if ignored only last a couple of seconds. She used to just cry and scream, then she added the good ol shoulder and arm flailing into the picture, pulling away from us while swinging her arms and shoulders side to side, this week she added in the foot stomp. I have to try soooo hard not to giggle, cause I don’t want to reinforce the behavior, but when she she get’s mad and screams while stomping her tiny little foot, it’s just way to cute.

She get’s so mad when life doesn’t co-operate with her, or when we refuse to allow her to do something she desperately wants to do. Things like empty all the contents out of the fridge, garbage’s or the dishwasher (she is allowed all the low cupboards, but these get boring apparently) unraveling the entire roll of toilet paper, repeatedly flushing the toilet, playing with the remote controls and changing the channels/menus on the tv (we gave her two old, out of use remotes, not good enough, they don’t actually work) or letting her bang on the laptop keyboard (she already broke one key we had to have repaired). She has mastered the art of walking and running, now she has mastered climbing, which is cute but frightening. She actually stacks her toys up to reach on top of shelves and dressers. She stands in the mailbox slot of her mailbox walker thingy and tips over face first, cries, then does it again. Last night she mastered the art of climbing the trunk at the foot of our bed, then climbing onto the bed from there. She puts one foot up onto the top of the trunk from standing, reaches out and grabs the footboard of our bedframe and pulls herself forward up the trunk, then once there she grasps the bedspread and pushes her feet until her knee reaches the edge of our bed. It’s quite amazing to watch, she has even figured out to sit on her bum and slide herself off high surfaces feet first. She is absolutely fearless, if she falls and get’s hurt, it does not deter her from trying again, she just tries a new way until she has mastered it, then moves on. Watching her trying to practice something new is very entertaining as she will absolutely obsess, doing the same thing over and over and over, 500 times in a row if I let her. 2 minutes out of her crib this morning she was already back to climbing up and down our bed, up and down, and up and down….At the playground she is also a daredevil, trying to climb up the slides and trying to go down the slides completely unattended, I put her up top the climbing structure and have to run to the foot of slide as fast as possible cause she will be already be on her way down.

Her language comprehension is through the roof. I think she understands most of what we tell her now. We say where is your bellybutton? She lifts her shirt and grabs her little nub of an outie. We say Are you hungry? She runs to her high chair and does the up sign.. Do you want a bath? She tries to take her top off while running to the tub. The most amazing thing to me is that if I hand her a picture book and say where is the kitty? She can find the picture of the cat in the book. She loves, loves, loves books and want’s us to read to her, or you see her sitting reading to herself all day long. Her actual spoken words vary, she still has about a dozen words she uses all the time, but they are getting more exact in pronunciation, for instance mama is now mammy. I think she says mammy, daddy, Olie (our dog), kitty, nanny, Jack (her stuffed donkey), Dora (she has a little Dora the Explorer kiddy sofa she sits on), hi, light, that, thanks, up, birdy, I know there are more I am forgetting right now. She immediately repeats tons of what we say, so we have be very aware of what we say these days. (I.e this morning when Dave got cut off in traffic and started throwing down the F bombs).

I think spending 3/4 days a week with a 2 year old has really helped her come along in all departments. I am hoping next she will start to pick up on social manners, like not hitting or grabbing toys from other kids. I try to help her along with that, but she is still so young and the sitters child is very mild mannered and won’t grab her toy back, she just sits and cries. I have been telling her to take the toy back, to tell E. that isn’t ok, but she won’t, so I can’t be much more help. Kate (the sitters daughter) is starting potty training, and E. has become interested. We have noticed her holding her pee until her diaper is off when possible, (as soon as I take the diaper off, she squats down and pee’s on the floor) so we went and bought her a potty this weekend. The coolest potty ever, we can bury it in our garden when she is done with it. The plan is just to have it in the house and talk about us using the potty when we go, and putting her animals on it to go potty, and sitting her on it every time we take a diaper off, just for a second or two since she doesn’t sit still. Hoping she will gradually make the association, no big rush.

Were still nursing, though barely. She still really has no interest, way to busy to sit still and nurse. Right now we are nursing 1x her day M-F and 2-3x a day on weekends. This week she is sick and very congested so she doesn’t want to nurse at all, unless it’s standing or sitting upright and then it’s only for a minute until she runs off to do something else. I am positive if I was ready to wean, I could and she wouldn’t give it a second thought, but I am letting it go as long as she still wants to nurse, even if it’s once a day at bedtime.

I am loving this age so much, I enjoy every minute with her, even the tantrums cause they are so telling of her personality development. She rocks my world, I am so excited to let her explore the outdoors on foot this summer.

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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein. When it feels like your world has been shattered, and you have reached rock bottom, you must make a choice: Stay where you are and fade away, or keep moving forward. Thankfully I chose to move forward and was blessed with the two most wonderful children after the death of my first in early labor. Things are looking up.

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