Trauma and Emergency Response Team

So..I just had to apply my first aid training on a 2 year old at my place of work. Not something I was hoping to do this morning, to say the least. A lady came in to get some photocopies and had three toddler with her, in her care. Two of the toddlers were playing in an empty closet by the entrance while she made her copies. Anyhow one of the little girls closed the door on the finger of the little boy while he was in there and his finger got caught in the jam. He obviously started to cry right away, so I went to see if he was ok and had a look at his fingers, then I almost passed out. The tip of his middle finger was hanging by it’s skin alone, I think. I didn’t have a great look, I just went into First Aid mode. Apply pressure, stop the bleeding and call the ambulance. While the ambulance was on it’s way I took the poor little guy into my lap and wrapped the tissue and his finger tightly with gauze and kept it elevated. Then I grabbed a lysol wipe and cleaned the blood off the closet jam, my hands and his.

Amazingly resilient as kids are, by the time the ambulance arrived 15 minutes later the little guy was smiling and chatting and excited about going for a ride in the big truck (Ambulance). I however, am much less resilient it would seem, and I am pretty close to vomiting even as I write this, 2 hours after the fact, hands still shaking. He will have to have surgery to try and re-attach the tip of his finger, poor little guy. I suppose that what he has going for him is that it’s a small piece, just the tip of his middle finger and he is so young he will recover 100% in no time. I know for a fact this is making re-live the trauma of the Dave-cut-off-finger incident of 2008.

About mommamaynard

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein. When it feels like your world has been shattered, and you have reached rock bottom, you must make a choice: Stay where you are and fade away, or keep moving forward. Thankfully I chose to move forward and was blessed with the two most wonderful children after the death of my first in early labor. Things are looking up.

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