MIA Toronto Style

Still in Toronto, tomorrow is our last day of 10. Why does it never feel long enough? This place was my home for 7 years, there are so many people I love here.
Evangeline has been an angel, social and friendly and sleeping like a dream; exhausted from all the activity and new faces. While we have been here she has started talking in 3+ word sentences. She keeps saying things like Oh no! Were Daddy go? Or Oh no, baby crying! So very cute, I of course am beaming with pride.

We have had a wonderful visit and have taken a billion or so pictures; plus or minus a few hundred of course. Done everything we love to do while here, like visit Chinatown and Kensington Market, The Beaches and of course Little India. We spent Thanksgiving with the family at Great Wolf Lodge which was amazing, the kids loved it. Like all good things, our vacation is coming to an end, I think on some level we will all welcome the return to a daily routine and our own beds.


Me on the right and one of my very best friends Sylvia, part of a duo with thevery loved Doug, not depicted here. Sorry for the craptastic quality.


Evangeline loving Monte the Schnauzer, our friends dog.


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