Creativity and The Artists Way

In this past year, now that my daughter has started sleeping through the night and now that I feel like I actually have time to have an identity of my own; I have found myself facing a creative abyss. I am an artist. In high school, when I had no responsibilities outside of being a teenager, creativety dripped out my pores and I spent every moment I could painting or drawing. Then I went to University and studied Psychology and English and every spare moment was spent studying and reading assigned books. I lost that creative piece of myself; or at least that visually creative part of myself, I did do lots of writing. Then after 6 years of post secondary education I had a Full Time Career and a booming Toronto social life and somehow continued to ignore the artist within, though I did start knitting, belly dancing and blogging. Once we had Evangeline life in general was a blur, she was colic and didn’t sleep more then 4 hours a night so I was too exhausted to care about being creative. Now however she does sleep and I do have time to myself and I am craving creation in a different form. As much as I desperately want another baby, right now I want to make art. Photography has started to fill that void, but I am still craving more. I want to paint again, to draw with pastels again and to sculpt with metal again. I have started reading The Artists Way again, a book I have had since I was 16 and I want to start a creative group; a group of local people who want to get together and work to tap into a creative common and find their creative spark. I think this is something I am going to put into effect in the new year and see how it rolls out; it could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

It makes me all kinds of excited actually.

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  1. If you were any closer by, I’d join your group (rubiadejimani from LJ)

  2. This post made me feel something rich.

    My wife and I don’t have kids and we’re 100% ok with that. We do looove to create.

    When you spoke about making art it really seems like having a kid. The nurturing, the tending, the time, the effort, and then the letting go.

    Good stuff.

    • Totally, it’s creation in a whole different sense of the word. It’s a piece of you, a glimpse of your heart and soul materialized. I think everyone needs a creative outlet, Its good for the mental well being. I used to work for an organization in Toronto that ran a mental health art therapy program and it was amazing. The paintings that the program participants created were so powerful.

      Having kids is a BIG decision, or should be, it’s a lifelong commitment to guide and help another human being to become the best they can. It’s wonderful and my daughter is the best thing I have ever created but it’s not something to be entered into lightly. It changes everything, in my case for the better, but it changes EVERYTHING :). It’s certainly not for everyone.

      Thanks for stopping in

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