Moncton. Full Speed Ahead.

We sold our house. We bought another. All in one month. Wowza. We are so very fortunate that our place in Halifax sold so quickly and for a nice profit thanks to Halifax’s over-inflated property values, hot real estate market since the announcement of the shit yard, ship yard contract. Yip. No looking back now, April 30th is the closing date on both places old and new.

I couldn’t be happier. I grew to despise Halifax during my time there, which is sad, because at one time I adored it. Admiring it from a distance and actually trying to build a life in it are two very differant creatures. My oppinion of Halifax as overtaxed, expensive and poorly governed however is directly contradicted by Money Sense’s recent report which says Halifax is the fourth best place to live in Canada, whilst Moncton is in 18th place. Mostly due to culture and wages….Which stumps me…cause I worked as an Employment Counsellor in Halifax and no one was making much money..I got a raise by moving to Moncton? Who is making all this money? Anyhow, I still appreciate Halifax as a very pretty, multicultural place with a good selection for shopping and entertainment, it’s just not a place I enjoyed living.

Reguarless. Here I am in Moncton, happy with my choices and enjoying being so close to family. Can’t wait to spend the summer renovating our new home and making it exactly what we want it to be.


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