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Expecting number 3

Well here I am, 15 weeks pregnant with Maynard baby #3. Evangeline is gonna be a big sister ( we hope and pray). She says the baby is a boy šŸ™‚ we are so excited to find out if she is right in April.

Met with a Hematologist to determine if I should be taking Heparin or not. She read all my old medical documentation, Evans autopsy report plus tested me for 13 different blood clotting factors and we met last week to go over results. Every single test came back normal or negative, same as they did with Evangeline. She does not believe I need Heparin, nor does she believe I needed it with Evangeline. Evan did not die from a blood clot, there is no reason to believe Heparin is necessary for a healthy pregnancy. I honestly feel justified by this news. I never truly felt in my gut I needed it.

So far pregnancy is progressing perfectly, 15 weeks, had the nuchal translucency done at 13 weeks and things looked great. Healthy little baby in there. I can feel him/her moving around often now šŸ™‚ it’s a great feeling.

So excited to welcome another baby to our family. Keep us in our thoughts and prayers.

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring , My Depression is Soaring

What is up with the weather and it’s direct impact on my mood? No really? I mean I know I am prone to depression and that I live everyday with an anxiety disorder but seriously. It’s been gorgeous for over a week straight now and today is the first, much needed, day of rain and yet…last night in it’s wake I had a brutal migraine and today I am feeling overly anxious and depressed. I worry about money; who doesn’t? Ā I worry about my husband and daughter; I assume that normal right? I stress about work…and knowing what I want to do with my life (Ironic since I am a Career Counsellor by profession).Ā  Today is just a blah day. I have been back and forth on the med’s I need em or don’t I? I stopped takingĀ them (them being Wellbutrin) about 8 months ago becauseĀ I feltĀ I didn’t truly need them and could manage this with rational self talk and meditation…but somedays I wonder. Ā It’s day like this when I have to remind my broken brain how very blessed I am. I have good health, a wonderful family, our own home, a good career and lots of people who love me for me….So knock it off brain…knock it off.

Loosing A Child

Every once in a while I come across a Post Secrets that really,really strikes home. This one did just that. I remember the first weeks home without Evan and the pain…I remember the vacant stare on my aunt’s face at my 14 year old cousins funeral…The pain of outliving your child is almost unbearable and is the finest line you will ever walk between sanity and insanity.


Gluten Free Girl and the Chef


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